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Skin four no king Blizzard

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by , " fun" pictures from the network (invade delete), please indicate the source of " fun" and the author of the article, and the must be attached at the end of the paper. . Although the problem before the plug-in "watch" pioneer

sensation, but updates since the launch yesterday after the snowstorm......

things seem to be improving a lot.

and live on the platform of "watch live pioneer" number is increasing.

inside in addition to God, funny car racing, there are a considerable number of anchors in the nouveau riche to show the audience what is called

open the box live on.

"and" pioneer box can open things only skin, speech, action and the like decorative props.

does not have the weapons, equipment, and fortified drugs that are capable of enhancing combat effectiveness. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" so it seems, to spend money to buy something that does not have any practical effect, is not a little "silly"?

of course, if you want to have the cool appearance, can be rolled on the momentum from the opponent, let the other side without a fight:

well, it is not without reason.

, but in addition to this reason, why there are so many game player is willing to spend a lot of money into these no effect on the appearance of props?

since the game free, props charges this payment model in the game after the popularity of the game......

appearance of this thing in a very exaggerated situation spread to almost all online games. Class= img_box "

"World of Warcraft" is regarded as the benchmark in the online game bar.

did not start with the so-called "look".

2011 "cataclysm" version 4 on the line, until version 4.3 was officially launched the "illusion" function.

transforms, is to transform your equipment into any other equipment.

is here, whether it is "World of Warcraft" or "Diablo 2" or "Warcraft", "StarCraft", almost did not happen to follow the trend of the mainstream network game function.

can be imagined "appearance" for the player's attractiveness.

and the player for the appearance of the love, the reason may not be simple. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" first of all, of course, is the most basic reason: good looking.

beauty of the heart people all have.

dressed in the United States and the United States clothes, holding a handsome arms, walking in the street, even the air is trembling.

plus specially made characters...... Class= img_box "

" that feeling, simply explode .

may be because the real life and online game boundaries are too obvious.

a lot of players are willing to put their image into the game to go.

at this time, to the game characters to wear nice clothes, from a certain extent...... Class= img_box "

" as if he himself put on the same.

let's mood bright in reality do not elaborate hairstyle, had to shine a little longer half mirror from hi.

a lot of people think that this is just a string of code, the appearance of the skin game makers set, it is nothing.

in fact, it is interesting to think that the purchase of the skin, the use of the process of skin is like watching a movie. Spend money to have a good visual enjoyment.

although after watching the film in addition to the memories seem to have gone.

but this experience is in itself a valuable . Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" to buy skin and the only difference is that the film is about: the skin to enjoy a long time to enjoy.

in addition to the image of the reasons, the players are obsessed with the box, buy the appearance also because of a thing......

gambling psychology.

in many games, the appearance of items is not a price tag on the mall for your selection.

also sell a mysterious treasure.

will contain a variety of props random chest.

valuable mounts, weapons, equipment, appearance, etc..

but the relative, the more valuable things, the lower the probability of natural. Open chest

game player through the purchase of the chest, and hold a gambling mentality to get what they want. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" to this time, the player's purpose is often not very pure.

at first, everyone want to open the chest to get what you want the appearance. After

, tasted the sweetness of thinking:

"I'll spend some money on this set of fashion and join together is not also fine. "Class=

" almost everyone who is crazy to open the box, think they are the people of the day.

"the next one is sure to come out. "

" to open five, will open up. "Out of the box,

a gambling boat, but such as is. With the

and open the box, the result is more N backpack suit many different parts.

some people may stop.

but also a lot of people deep into forced cancer late, not to set qi.

, thus, more and more into the appearance of suit bag, the bag is more suit parts.

at this time the player may not be really fancy appearance of the image of this thing itself attributes.

is more of a collection of desire, in other words, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

to attract players to buy the appearance, fashion, there is another important reason:

vendor marketing. Class= img_box "

marketing in the form of a lot, the most direct one, is the promotion.

"we look at it, fashion big promotion, 10 dollars you can not afford to buy, 10 dollars you can not buy fooled, 10 dollars you can buy this summer Limited Edition fashion! "Class=

" ='>

in fact, from the real world to the virtual world, there are not many people can resist the temptation to live their own favorite items big promotion. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" in addition to online games, there are a lot of stand-alone games in the appearance, the image of a lot of effort.

like the "Resident Evil 2" of the tofu model, all the characters are a piece of "tofu", through the strange, pass slowly into the human form, and then to put on a variety of skin".

we speak the truth, the game makers in the game to do all the settings, the ultimate goal is to profit.

this point, whether it is a stand-alone, online games, hand travel, page tour are common.

card manufacturers rely on the past.

a little earlier manufacturers rely on the game to buy a variety of enhanced props, equipment to profit - of course, is now.

and now, in particular, a variety of competitive games, is the main "skin" brand .

"hero alliance", "Dota2", "CS:GO", "watch the pioneer", it can be said that the current four of the most popular sports game.

without exception, the use of the skin to profit based pricing model.

you have to say that this transaction in the end who lost money, but also may not have only one answer.

to spend their own money to buy their own skin.

had a good time.

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