A good soldier would never abandon his comrades in arms, the toy soldiers taught me to do.

Toy comrade in arms church soldier

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do not know from what time, we always talk about to take a "exposure age" suffix of childhood memories, is a kind of their own age of self mockery and ridicule.

everyone will leave a lot of memories or impression important in childhood, life can exist in the mind, and always affects his judgment for everything.

for fun early after such 90 Jun, games, animation and toys constitute the world of our childhood.

speaking of toys, in the fun of the Prince did not know how to get along with the toy, the right time, a name called "toy story," the emergence of a cartoon.

" because this movie is the world's first entirely by computer graphics animation, so it has milepost significance in the history of film. Class= img_box "

even most people don't even know what a computer is in 1995.

but for all the children who saw the film, it was too small to break through the imagination and the aftertaste of the film.

in the film, we had witnessed the most beloved boy Sheriff woody and Buzz Lightyear. In X-Men space comes from hostility to the friends of the adventure journey, but also believe that Disney and Pixar partnership concocted lies don't think that toys are not life, in your invisible corner, they also have their own sour, sweet, bitter, hot.

in the story of a segment is impressive, obey the command of the woody toy soldiers in small company owner birthday, responsible for new toys inquire news.

and in the process of performing the task, the little master's mother accidentally stepped on a bad.

has the full beauty style lines: a good soldier is absolutely not abandon his comrades!

" to see so many little toy soldiers like a real army, and every corner of the family environment is fighting, this is definitely the most cool things interesting when the king saw.

is probably because the boy born love war games, greatly small toy soldiers in various poses collected many, but every time out to play will mess up, fully embody the feeling that the commander pointing jiangshan.

with the increase of age, the game continues the toy mission, and that a green army man to the game all come alive.

in addition to the "Toy Story" to become our enlightenment, if not 3DO launched a series of "Toy Soldiers War" game, our "toy soldiers complex" is likely not to continue until now.

"" Toy Story "series" (Army Men) is issued and developed by 3DO (during the global star, EA and other companies to participate in the game and 3DO), but the manufacturer itself, there is a the twists and turns of fate.

is the first of a series of works published in 1998, the production team said was inspired by the film "Toy Story", was the idea of a video game. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" game using a very popular real-time strategy play. Looking ahead, there are a lot of the same type of game industry which is a dazzling star.

such as "command & Conquer";

2000 "

"StarCraft" etc..

in spite of the same type, but the "Toy Story" with toy soldiers had seen everyone instead of war game reality, whether from the form and content has added a lot of fun.

said there is a small episode, "Toy Story" because of the war scenes, whether soldiers or war machine, all is to show people the image of toys, never appeared bloody scenes.

so the rating of the game has been relatively low, stay in the level of youth to be able to use.

despite this, the game is still violent enough. It was just a piece of plastic that was crushed to death, or a big hole in the body, and it looked like a broken toy.

to this change is for "command & Conquer" or "StarCraft" such a small game, blood is enough to make the game tense for a long time audit institutions.

is such a way out of the deceitful, let "Toy Story" series can be more contact with the child. Don't hint to the brutal war in the physical world, because everything is looking like a play toy soldiers fight, just from the hands-on operation mode into mouse and keyboard.

"toy soldiers launched a series of wars" sequel, game distribution platform is not limited to PC, is to PlayStation such host platform.

and the type of game with skill and get some progress of evolution, such as higher demands for real-time and modeling of third person shooter gameplay.

, but 3DO is too conceited and the reasons for mismanagement, it eventually went bankrupt. Originally planned to launch the "Toy Story" sequel "Sacchi's war" had to die. A legendary game company came to an end.

later, "Toy Soldiers War" of the R is the parent company of Take-Two star IP. Although since then launched a series of sequels including "Sacchi's war", but the evaluation game it is difficult to reproduce the past glory.

in this series did not get too much water frozen but can only be Take-Two.

can be said that 3DO's "Toy Soldiers War" for the whole world to open the door of a toy soldiers theme of all players, although the series has later declined. But this theme will become a lot of valuable wealth. For example:

"Green Corps War" (The Mean Greens: plastic Plastic Warfare);

"Toy Soldier: war chest" (Toy Soldiers: War Chest);

"toy soldiers" (Toy Soldiers:: Complete);

"ntent_img_p these are the works on the shoulders of giants.

like "Toy Story" to the 3DO inspired the same, 3DO's "Toy Soldiers War" also gave other toy soldiers inspired, so that we can continue the "toy soldiers" complex.

Attack! Soldier!

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