Last four years! Independent game "no deep space" development was officially completed

Steam game development fried chicken spacecraft

wangyiyouxi· 2016-07-08 23:54:51

Hell Games founder Sean Murray today announced the space adventure game "unmanned deep space" development work has officially ended, send them to the factory plate. This also means that this is not a change in the arrangements for the sale, in August 9th will meet the player.

Murray on the Twitter to confirm the game development has been completed, he said: "this moment finally arrived! "No deep space" just send them to the factory plate. 4 years of passion, I feel very proud of our small team. "

5 this month announced that bounced, release date changed to August 9th. And in the last month, Games Hello studio and the British Sky TV ended up to 3 years of legal disputes, which allows the "no deep space" game name using the "empty (Sky)" word. "

" is no deep space open world games to explore the British Independent Game Studio Hello Games game development, game player can play space explorers, driving space leaping spacecraft to explore the planet in the system in the Milky Way inexhaustible. Game to "program generation" as the core, all the stage of the planet are generated by a specific program, including the name of the terrain, the ecological environment is unique will not repeat. Game can accommodate up to 6744 to 1844, 43 billion 409 million 551 thousand and 616. Play alone to spend 5 billion years time it will be possible to find me that, nearly inexhaustible.

recently Amazon UK through user polls, that the 2016 British game player most anticipated game, the popularity of more than Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper "battlefield 1".

"no deep space" will be on sale in August 9th, landing Steam, PS4 national area on sale in August 13th. Class= img_box "



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