Hao! After Zhang Han Tian Liang, Wang Sicong also opened an orange Lamborghini!

Wang Sicong Lamborghini

souhuyule· 2016-04-21 10:05:10

. : " arrows I. Qiu... Rich...

recently, Sohu Entertainment in Beijing in a restaurant, an affair to the go out friends of Tian Liang. Tian Liang the same day a black tide dress up, shoulder back delicate lovely LV bag, can not help but let a person sigh Tian Liang of a heart". />

previously, Han a green car - Lamborghini also has caused heated debate. />

Wang Sicong also bought a Lamborghini as a birthday gift on his birthday.

Tian early on was traced to assets of billions of dollars, driving luxury cars, live in luxury, beautiful and virtuous wife, a leaf alizarin red and high Zhichao a pair of Yan children, simply is a winner in life!

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