She is considerate, elegant and unique, have deep love for Alec Su, the reality of the harvest of their sweet marriage

Marriage Alec Su

yulejie· 2016-04-21 10:05:25

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Chen Xiuli, when it comes to the name you may not be very familiar with, but when it comes to Xiaozhao, we sure are very familiar with. Alec Su's version of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" fire is not the only actress, such as Florence Tan and actress. Who can forget the time and a little understanding. Style= >

is not only so, Chen Xiuli is 98 years released Louis Koo version of the return of the Condor Heroes played the role of Guo Fu; released in 2000 "swordsman" in playing supporting Blue Phoenix;

2000 and 2001's "swordsman", "Trainspotting" also let Chen Xiuli two Singapore Mediacorp Star Awards Best Supporting Actress nomination.

2006 in June 18, Chen Xiuli and Taiwanese Liu Jack married, the marriage ceremony in Taipei.

2009 year of twin daughters come let her temporarily gave up on an acting career, dedicated a mothers life.

2012 years Chen Xiuli comprehensive comeback signed with the mainland brokerage firm, and will focus on the return after the first TV series "deep house", and in which he portrays Xuanfei;

actually, Wallace 2013 edition of "Tianlongbabu", Chen Xiuli still which plays the Gan Baobao. Together made a cameo appearance as well as Alec, Alyssa, Gao Yuanyuan the four actors had in the Dragon Sword Ji "staged wonderful scenes, to the audience leave deep impression on the actor. Had Xiaozhao Chen Xiuli version became the hearts of otaku goddess, after a lapse of ten years, Chen Xiuli and Alec reunited, reminded people to have the good memories. Style=

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