The Fan Bingbing show "dodge" Li Chen wearing high-heeled facial pain

Li Chen Fan Bingbing high heels expression

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Fan Bingbing

Li Chen


" Joker Challenger League second season to offer a fantastic blood play! In order to be rescued from the villain organized kung fu star who, as a stuntman challengers to the classic scene to restore the martial arts hero, members of "Military", resorted to exhaust all the skills challenge whether the hero aura possessed, "umenoto" leader of the rout of the obstruction and conspiracy?

Fan Bingbing was the master hand of this fierce arena

was rescued by dodge terrible mysterious organization plot Kung Fu Heroes, "acting as" Fan Bingbing potential such as ice, the embodiment of the "martial arts master" courageously rushed off! The opening of a Fan Bingbing makes a "soft stick", the surface of the balloon was unharmed hit, was quietly between counseling and Li Chen exclaimed: "you this is the strength! "Deep skill" by Fan Bingbing not only to hand knife break plank, the momentum of the strong direct and the Zhang Lanxin: "good fight! Dodge is "attained perfection", free flying leap to the top of the container, and the cyclotron is caused by all bright and brave have applauded: "take a good look! "

Rain King Li Chenyu scored the ball penalty blood burst problem

the high-heeled shoes, blindfolded, giant soccer … … all kinds of strange" penalty "has increased the difficulty of" Kung Fu Soccer ", the sudden heavy rain drenched not only people, also let the ball field become bad. "The ball king" title in the winemaker Li Chen again challenge play to the strength, the goal be as strong as iron. However, Li Chen was shot, "power play" are struggling: unconscious lanhuazhi provoked laughter, heel also suck in the grass, finally kicked, but attracted all the bad laughter "! "What's going on here?

Joker fun fancy nunchaku dock detonated "gun fight"

has always been intense love, often posing "handsome but 3 seconds" Joker this very moment to steal the spotlight, seckill balloon fancy nunchaku, momentum amazing let Fan Bingbing look straight the eyes: "just how to get it! "Joker in order to prove his extraordinary skill, followed by a smooth reverse side handsome cyclotron pumping, gorgeous explosion ball once again attracted all the wonder! No expression or action, Joker imitate Bruce Lee very place image, restore God by Li Chen et al Diego praised: "at the end of this terrible sound! "In the port" gunfight ", Joker is occupied the commanding heights of an enemy two, and Zhang Lanxin, Andy On in a fierce gun fight," "maxed charge into the enemy ranks all the eye!

Xie Lin and challenges the "flying" incarnation of Chen Xuedong 'meatshield cover

into "the matrix" is not an easy task, for fear of the Xie Yilin challenge hanging wire is "almost inaccessible"! Xie Yilin Fan Bingbing started to always on tenterhooks coquetry offensive, "God" clawing at the staff's clothes begging, but still did not escape the fate of the earth's surface to leave ". In order to finish the task to challenge themselves, Xie Lin plucked up the courage to overcome fear, but still could not help crying out "I do not play! "Chen Xuedong is in a hail of bullets in hard cover teammates, even" shot sacrifice ", also continue to use their own" body "as the" sniper "Joker strive for a favorable situation. "Umenoto" forces force strength a lot, the inferior challengers can in this port "rush" Jedi counterattack, destroy the enemy save Keanu Reeves?

Kung Fu Heroes safety is unknown, with Jacky Heung, Zhang blueheart led "umenoto" fierce offensive. Stuntman changed the screen protagonist, charged with the task of challengers can break through a difficult period, termination of Kung Fu Heroes of the crisis? 20:30 tonight, Zhejiang satellite TV, an exciting "the show is about to begin!

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