The black body sunshine girl, Gloria Tang practiced a vest line developed on the powerful mind all laugh!

Gloria Tang vest sunshine.

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Barbara sister two days brush micro-blog, also by Gloria Tang sun holiday according to the United States, a few days did not see Gloria Tang has lost to the ribs are sticking out!

with the same baby face mother go to Thailand on vacation, mother and daughter direct us a pair of sisters!

in bikinis in the pool play hi Gloria Tang was too good!

was her attractive body more than a micro-blog 'sister, also a fan message than a straightforward, direct shouted "brain woman", "kiss" is feasible, you remember it is the girl

don't look now Gloria Tang's micro-blog message in a harmony, the girl is actually from the black body in a way of uniting the sunshine girl of today's "

"from I was a singer 2" began to be black, but Gloria Tang is still grateful for! Style=

second perfect interpretation of "existence" in the treble part, micro-blog fans suddenly rose to about 900000

the next few show Gloria Tang to sing new songs, "you got me drunk" and "love you" and other classic tracks to sing his own feeling. finally with solid vocals and strong typhoon won the finals second place

addition to the game, the lovely Gloria Tang because sell a good hand to become a cute and adorable little goldfish

the woman thought by virtue of the high starting point can bring their own music to more mainland audience, did not think of her but the night becomes rather baffling strokes of black style= worthy of the name "line-height: 25.6px con

"I am a singer 2" after the end of the game to Changsha to attend business, but "black powder" came out holding a sign shouted: "Gloria Tang, you are not a singer!" "Gloria Tang, get out of the entertainment, scared she did not dare to sing"

Poser, then about Gloria Tang not polite news like about the same, in the mainland and Hongkong together poured out.

but she I can't help search all about his news, she said he sometimes deliberately "chess" into "Qi", so you can see the evaluation of her true passers-by.

She once a person in the hotel swimming pool swimming, fans were recognized, but because of his true height and exposure makeup, worried that the fans feel that she is not on the stage of dazzling and tense, so he pretended not to hear ran

see later users on the network the message she only know that these "nervous" and "shy" fans will be misunderstood as "too cold" and "Poser ", let alone on the stage more she can not take into account the events of

because of lack of self-confidence and sense of unease and give others a rude impression, this is Gloria Tang never thought it is not like what happened

but fortunately, the girl is smart enough to defeat into power, Gloria Tang cannot control what other people say, but what can make their own music she was the only one to say "

and she is more concentrate on your music, learn the song as a way to communicate with her, "to tell you" in her heart to fans and friends say boldly to sing out

" new "in a heartbeat" no matter how crazy world, we are the fire phoenix "is her now The mentality of the portrayal, look back "I am 2" singer Gloria Tang is more grateful, she said that this experience to enhance her strength and performance of

from the event is black in alive Gloria Tang used "reborn" to describe themselves, now she has grown from a small girl was afraid to dare to call the black powder into a can take care of staff can also take mom to go to the seaside for a big girl, "

career, Gloria Tang learned to accept, change and expression of life, she is always the vibrant sunshine girl, can play

but also in the night bazaar charity to raise more money on bone drill trunk shrinkage method, some wear tight pants Gloria Tang does not know how to avoid weaknesses, but she felt that playing the game into special sister, In order to teammates can not idol burden her lovely "line-height: 25.6px style=

in fact Deng Deng is so lovely is not one or two days, not only can drill Gloria Tang from the black box, it may even her own fear. Go to the "Amazing Race", haven't started recording said he is "tall people half" of the "fat" (now

arrived in Australia on the "soft" and "slippery" torment. Especially the "slippery" foot shoe of watermelon fall 40 times, almost broke ass blossom! She was happy like a child, make fun of "Deng Sansui", but think back, fall 40 times, not three year olds can persist!

sore butt not say, Gloria Tang still show the challenge most afraid of jumping, good bestie Zhang Yunjing knew that she was worried about her fear of high, but sings "I believe I can fly". Zhang Yunjing also said "don't be afraid to comfort the current challenges, embrace the world of"

she falls from a height of 50 meters and shouting "after the age of 23 is not afraid of the moment", should be in that she sings in the "new" in the heart like that after combustion, a new

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after this rebirth of the Gloria Tang, the heart is that just stay sprouting little goldfish, appearance is also slowly become more powerful. She fell in love with diving, enjoy all the new experience of

she dance, fitness, diet, not to please anyone, but to have a better image of the stage, it is better to embrace their own

her love life, love cooking, also do not forget to go abroad on vacation the first station first went to the supermarket to buy health food

she love the family, worship his father and grandfather p>

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she also understand humor, sister with her father to travel with her mother and sisters together on vacation, it is filial, she said he was in the"

her figure, perhaps not with Victoria's secret is enough to make her as like as two peas, but wore all want to wear beautiful clothes, beautiful people admire and envy

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