The wind, only one step away from success Luo Yonghao lost in where?

Luo Yonghao

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Luo Yonghao if open a hammer design company or a hammer marketing company, may be able to succeed, however, Luo Yonghao is a hammer technology company.

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see Jobs," Jobs is the first of a deep technical background, secondly to insight into the development trend and significance of user experience. And Luo Yonghao's eyes are only UI design, the other no longer any valuable point. so he can not see, iPhone had some excellent UI and interaction is based on the introduction of capacitive touch screen and multi touch. Capacitance screen have faults, but the touch experience significantly enhance, and apple technology behind the skill, let the touch operation is very close to the silky. And multi touch, it is more natural to provide a very practical basis for interaction. When the first watch on the iPhone photo, that two fingers pull can zoom, really surprised.

SOC silent seconds, so iPhone can first use the Retina screen, and Jobs early layout of the iOS software ecosystem, catching up with apple Samsung, with its own Orion, has its own AMOLED, almost the core components mainly produced. To catch up with apple, or even better. Did Luo Yonghao see it? If he had seen it, he would not have been so conceited.

a typical example, the problem back to touch said at the start, then Meizu first time realized the value of experience, but M8 do not realize good, even a lot of trouble. The Android camp, almost in the 2.x era, is integrated into a multi touch era, 4 times to achieve the overall silky touch. Really is not the Android camp has no idea, but technical problems, I really can not do.

Luo Yonghao does not realize that technology is the foundation of experience, he noticed that only a shallow UI. So the whole hammer, is a design oriented company, or that, as long as the design, all technology can be concessions. So, you'll find that there's a strange technical flaw in the hammer phone.

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, Luo Yonghao think 3G enough to be long in coming, however, is the first mobile phone a means of communication, communication technology is always the foundation, and when When 4G in the crazy push China Mobile under the network soon very mature, a huge number of mobile subscribers missed 3G in the edge era stuck too long, suddenly crazy influx of 4G network. Although the beginning of a false alarm, but soon became aware of the 4G millet into the embrace of the. Hammer T1 main sales cycle, 4G has become the standard, there is not a plus, but there is almost a veto. Later, 4G version, and worried about the 3G version of the user, made a stupid pricing. Don't even say there is a hammer T1 JDI fell kneeling, Huang Ping, honey and so on the green camera. Style= margin-bottom: "20px

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nuts for the impulse hammer mobile phone, however, had to make a choice, pricing and positioning 1000 this machine element will be doomed to pit. So nuts turned out to be 615 with 1080p screen, this time, the nuts of fluency, really, can only rely on the feelings of the. Other, can only rely on faith. However, however, Luo Yonghao in the nuts of the conference, so smooth as not to say Android...... Although I know Android thousand machines mainly rely on blowing force, but well...... However, the real cause of the nut is not warm, or the location of the Android thousand machines. This section, any quality are nonsense, because the mobile phone Dan is almost a urine, so this price only price, price play is the supply chain management, supply chain relationship with iron who, who can take the amount of the purchase price is low, who, in Android thousand machines Dan, dozens of pieces of money spreads are deadly. So, red, blue, the charm of HUAWEI in brush sales, nuts have long been in the annihilation of the huge machine sea.

"hammer, can almost be said to own a hammer blow products, when snapdragon 820 ready for 808, no typeC, no fast charge, even with a imx214 camera, or even mobile payment era vital fingerprint. Have to admire Luo Yonghao. Highlights what is it? Highlights are all metal seamless border. Good beautiful beautiful, the user experience has substantial upgrade it? No...... In particular, there is no fingerprint, said it was because you can not find a beautiful design Luo Yonghao. In order to design, give up to embrace technology trends, this is the technology company? But T2 also just such a pit, SIM card hidden keys in the lock screen, need to press home, only one purpose, that is the design aesthetic, however at the expense of users very direct feeling, especially in order to get rid of the independent design, get off key, long press the lock screen, it is quite the reverse human, give the user a sense of discomfort. It can be said that the hammer technology companies, can not hesitate to visual design alone (not design), at the expense of Technology (thousand machines, flying the fingerprint) at the expense of the user experience (key touch).

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hammer company the next step will be how to actually look at T1 to T2 you know, T1 did have technical highlights, T2 almost no technical highlights at all, it is the design progress, the basic technology is back, and the technical level of the gap will widen the more slowly, so, although many people look forward to hammer out quickly flagship configuration T3, however, is the flagship want to do it? The technical strength of the hammer, can be very good control of 820? Can a hammer to 820 of the stable supply it? With a hammer body mass, but also do not supply chain management, can only see the face of the supply chain. So, I guess it is not Luo Yonghao do not know to quickly out of the T3, but really do not have to launch early T3.

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LUO marketing indeed attracted a lot of attention, but he is on your mobile phone. The mobile phone is good than others? Is it a big advantage? Please give people a reason to buy your mobile phone (in addition to feelings, in fact, I do not know what the feelings of ghosts, can eat it?)! Style= color: "RGB capital is always pay attention to return, no return, always no convincing.

Luo Yonghao so much since the face of words and deeds, let us also reflect on, good marketing, to establish good products or services above, this is the perfect combination of. source: Minjiang River Network

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