Feelings by others is a kind of what kind of experience?

Cash feelings RMB spot

touzijie· 2016-07-09 16:09:35

"I love my home" in a more than 60 year old Fu Ming, old comrades that day, nearly half a century does not see the first girlfriend Wenyi coming to see him.

the spirit of happy memories of revolution and love, and the old lover again beautiful wish front, Fu old suit and tie dress, sitting on the sofa and Wen Yi hand in hand (not really) memories of the past, the mouth from ear to ear after molar … …

not to the Yixu love is false, what is true. To the old Fu has a "my son is your family name", with retired Deputy Director Fu Laoli identity to their "son" of the company to open a document.

finally adhere to the principle of the old Fu, resolutely refused Wen Yi's request, the old lover become strangers, is the natural desire is cast to the wind … …

why do you say such an old lover to meet the results do not have a sad story about success?

works in the "real world", Wen Yi the memories of first love to kill the aphrodisiac, approval did not return the old comrades of Fu ming. In the real world and a number of film and television works, is also the name of nostalgia and feelings under the banner of sleeve, medicine, but for the white rmb.


today, a so-called "country man" milestone animated film.

from 2004 to begin preparations, in 2007 to determine the film scene and the prototype, the 2008 film project, completed in 2010 June 2013, the script, the bottleneck of funds, launched to raise the public, in November 11, 2014 2015 after the bounce, reportedly set file and then bounced up to now, God knows how long have been in the past, "big fish" Begonia finally on screen. Before the release of

, beam rotation, Zhang Chun creative two young people after 12 years of unremittingly film touched their feelings by all the chips, or read the "sea" of flash and sample users, attracting them into the cinema.

, but after the release, the audience face embarrassment from the theater came out of

with the Oriental philosophical conception still have rich imagination; world outlook and a 12 years ago. But in addition, there is no decent narrative logic, no decent story to promote, not to discuss the characters shape. Tell a bad story, is "big fish" as a movie of the fatal injury.

12 years of waiting and twists and turns, background is far too much than the wonderful movie, for those who have been moved into the cinema of the feelings of the people, rather than sitting at home watching a creative team recorded "the story behind" (later if any).

"diffuse" milepost flag down 12 year wait for a boondoggle, feelings become cheap, anyone can step on your feelings to cheat money.


in fact, just think about it, we will find the results of the feelings of the goods not to find the version of the situation, not only already, but also more and more accustomed to become a natural.

each youth has at least one of the Han Han, Guo Jingming, Rao Xueman, Anne baby … … before the readers for their respective camps, mutual contempt object, then they have one thing in a consensus on the

as long as it reminded me of my youth memories works on the silver screen, just like back to the beautiful sad, sensitive, wild and intractable pain, love burns … … adolescence, menarche and first be able to experience it again, and free reach climax.

"time" four steps, "left ear" "" "" "never ever meet again in a hurry that year to earn a plateful of youth" gold "-" "grand track" July "and still" (adapted from Anne baby "farewell Viva" in short stories), the upcoming "summer" on the line, not to "August Weiyang" "hourglass" "song" in the works.

has released the uneven quality of the film, winning high score, one numbered, abort derailed and gaudy similar plot. For some MV films and PPT, as long as the mass foundation of the original party, remember, tribute and even miss lost youth in the audience was even a gimmick, black out Xiang, also have no large quantities of box office revenue.

youth film earn not lose the meaning is that the general audience for her just a few years of youth, are highly valued.

adult world is struggling, struggling in the long years, no longer displays his young life, no hero dream love, never become infinite could anyone ". A shadow

whenever can catch poetry and distance, but can glimpse a little down to earth feeling, is worth struggling for money to pay with a memory of youth. If it is good works, is to buy rejuvenation elixir, through the connection point of plot and memories, to prove himself in this life has been crazy.

if the last to see a movie, but also take a small back word working life. With luck, next time again "prostitution" of the opportunity, will then order.

but your youth if it's so valuable, how can one be in a bad movie instead? Not to mention the most bad is knowing that they are bad, is in the use of your youth to affection, as the surface of money for little money, while secretly scolded idiot, do not know the movie audience.


feelings, is the most inexpensive aphrodisiac. It does not cost, only by the memories of this action can earn back rate, buy a label you can save the other to pay. Like "I love my home" in the courtyard, and the old Fu thought with common memories of first love, you can get the approval of sleight of hand, which do not belong to her and son.

is a aphrodisiac, if you can not let you hi, there is poison.

for the film and television works, really have the feelings of the story, the story itself is bad feelings; feelings, everything in the story.

was making "kneel down" incident and Wu Tianming's posthumous aura by the audience attention "bainiaozhaofeng", the heritage of the intangible cultural heritage suona care is the movie's real feelings".

, but in the movie marketing before the row piece and the dismal box office, seems to be that sometimes the audience doesn't care about the work itself has no feelings, it is not related to their feelings, they are the key in the cinema.

Eileen Chang had ridiculed too narcissistic writers "navel eye literature":

"they spend a lifetime to stare at your navel, and try to find other people, are also interested in, ask people to stare at. "

actually engaged in the creation of like staring at his" belly button ", reading, watching movies and what is not?

so when someone mentioned the feelings of two words, you have to be careful, because not careful, you owe the IQ will, your feelings will be cash.

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