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about mobile phone frame design, some domestic brands to open a" bullying "mode

what ID frame and vision no, put out the screen aesthetic..." line-height: 1.6

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" put out the screen as the bright screen as ugly as dog "

text game play users what is really capable of?

machine brother give you today to something, I think good to recommend a few ultra narrow border mobile phone

" if you design the appearance of the mobile phone demand, may wish to take a look at

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

if the machine frame design, the Samsung S7 Edge is fully deserve that brother king, hyperboloid screen collocation 2.5D drop radian, the entire screen beauty memorable.

this flagship model with Samsung's top Super AMOLED display, with a 2K ultra clear resolution, and brings out a new intelligent screen display function, does not affect the life of the case, no light screen can also the first time to obtain the latest notice. />

double-sided glass design, Samsung top hyperboloid & screen; top processor, 12 million high-definition camera, support waterproof and dustproof machine, brother had to admit Samsung S7 Edge is very attractive.

brother comments:

as a flagship model, the Samsung gives a satisfactory answer, but you have to consider carefully before buying, to give the Samsung S7 Edge paste film but a very troublesome thing.

XA Ultra, SONY Xperia 2850 yuan

Japanese brand love always engage in some black technology, such as borderless our SHARP, SONY 4K and so on the front screen, when SONY launched the Xperia XA Ultra is a high Yan almost boundless the value of mobile phone.

this machine has a 6 inch screen, the system has always been simple to enhance the overall aesthetic, the fuselage has an asymmetric design, the whole screen proportion did not seem significantly large, but also make people feel very high force grid.

Xperia XA Ultra "bright spot is high value Yan photos mobile phone, equipped with a 16 million pixel front camera, is following the HTC 10 global second pre support optical image stabilization of mobile phone. The surface covered with a layer of 2.5D arc glass, the body of the box for the metal material, feel quite good.

8.44mm body thickness in the 6 inch big screen blessing is not excessive, the side of the fuselage also has a solid camera, the main camera upgrade to 21 million 500 thousand pixels, maximum support 200GB memory card expansion, built-in 2700 Ma battery can be 2 days of continuous navigation.

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said, Zuo Daping is the same why millet mobile phone, Max and SONY people gap so big?

machine brother comments:

SONY is more suitable for those who love the big brand, high Yan value users, the performance is slightly inferior, not suitable for the big game experience. Machine brother believes that the appearance of a single look it can kill a lot of new machines.

6, Meizu PRO 2499

in the domestic mobile phone brand has been on the narrow side of Meizu have special preferences under ID popular frame design, Meizu PRO 6 still kept their own style, the new color is more users preferences.

Meizu niche market launch of the flame red, rose gold two new color, one-piece cover collocation circular antenna design, the overall aesthetic is pretty good.

from the positive perspective, Meizu PRO 6 is equipped with a 5.2 inches display screen and bezel is only a very narrow line, at least visually compared to many ID borderless mobile phone cool a lot. This screen also supports pressure sensing function, you can achieve more interactive features.

PRO 6 Meizu Meizu is well equipped with MediaTek is currently the most powerful Helio X25 processor provides 21 million 160 thousand pixel camera & ring double color fill light, machine brother had to admit, really red sao.

class= brother comments:

this machine in performance is considered, but the actual experience of the star camera performance is slightly low, including pressure sensitive touch screen currently can realize the function of too little.

ZUK Z2 Pro style= white-space: normal 2299
as a fledgling Internet brand, the overall design of second flagship models ZUK Z2 Pro ZUK launched the upgrade a lot, as the performance of & and the new flagship color value.

if you love ultra narrow border, then ZUK Z2 Pro is very suitable for you, a 5.2 inch display with "small screen flagship", the front of the Home key integrated fingerprint recognition support many gestures, can make daily use more convenient. />

"ultra narrow border" what is the difference? The former through the black edge, in the screen to make the edge of the fuselage & screen integration, the latter is purely a narrow frame, the lock screen can still see the 1mm around the border, which do you prefer?

ZUK Z2 Pro only uses a double glass, and back still grinding out a 3D arc, greatly improve the grip. Under the 16 million pixel camera is the ten sensor, to achieve heart rate detection, detection of ultraviolet and other functions.

class= brother comments:

as a small screen flagship masterpiece, ZUK Z2 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm's snapdragon 820 processor, and 4GB/6GB memory version, suitable for the pursuit of performance you can buy, if it is really good.

nubia Z11, style= white-space: normal 2499
as the first launch of the borderless mobile phone Nubia, recently launched a lighter and more slim Nubia Z11, become the brand's second truly borderless mobile phone.

with ultra narrow border, without borders make people feel very shocked Nubia Z11 the real meaning, on both sides of the fuselage only a line width to wrap the screen, while playing a "overflow" visual effects. />

iPhone 6S

; "Nubian also brought Fit edge gestures for Nubia Z11, the sliding edge can achieve fast switching application, clean background, fast return, brightness adjustment and other functions.

from the front over and not too many surprises, on the back of the three type metal >" mediocre, the upper left corner for the 16 million pixel camera can shoot the stars, on the back of fingerprint recognition will a lot of people Tucao place. />

if the Samsung Edge S7 is the king of mobile phone frame design, then Z11 Nubia is absolutely the most shocking screen vision phone. Compared to Z9 Nubia, this generation of products with a thinner, lighter, cheaper three major advantages.

mobile phone of our daily life are not from the body, so the choice of a color value is high, looks cool mobile phone is really necessary, ultra narrow frame / frame design has become a trend, I believe the future of the mobile phone will become more cool.

brother here to answer a misunderstanding: in recent years, mobile phone screen is more and more "hard" more scratch, but because the hardness after lifting glass will become more brittle, so" hard "does not mean breaking resistance.

ultra narrow border / borderless mobile phone is not easily broken, mobile phone is not as long as you drop towards the screen, not the possibility that a fall that big screen explosion.

"screen, frame design is more cool, the film test is more big, buy ultra narrow border mobile phone you can think clearly."

more beautiful mobile phone prices more expensive

I can dazzle handsome to protect yo ~


to good is really good hot big screen mobile phone"

"don't wait for iPhone 7 the international brand flagship"

"after you understand the recent domestic mobile phone worth buying boutique recommend" < />

welcome in the comments left to share your point of view,


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