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leikeji· 2016-07-10 04:47:40

yesterday just out of a global 85 million Android machine poisoning news, behind is actually a Chongqing advertising company. The company is called micro win interaction, but the latest news that it has been changed to Amobi, the surface is to do is the mobile Internet advertising, in fact, in the development of a malicious software called HummingBad.

this software niubable place is that it can establish a permanent rootkit on Android devices, and with the release of false advertising and fraudulent application installation force to profitability, will receive a monthly fraudulent advertising revenue of $300 thousand, each quarter to win more than $1 million .

day, a large amount of information to my jaw was dislocated, my eyes seem to only see the white bill.

summer as long as there are watermelon and money, can be your queen

although mobile phone security is not a new topic, but at this juncture of vital importance (like the exaggerated a bit), in order to prevent you eat melon masses innocent shot, I still had to jump out to say: "be careful of mobile phone advertising".

mobile advertising is becoming the spread of mobile phone virus

advertising is intermediary in our life a means of propaganda everywhere, good advertising can be impressive, lead a person to endless aftertastes. However, the mobile phone ads are sometimes not just propaganda is so simple, it may be hidden behind a variety of naked eye "mine", such as virus.

advertising itself is not necessarily toxic, or we watch a video, brush a micro-blog, mobile phone is not a minute dog with? but advertising may act as a medium in the process of virus transmission. At present in the mobile terminal, we compare the common form of advertising is below six, respectively, banner, full screen pop-up ads, positioning advertising, rich media ads, video ads and native advertising .

that there is less danger is behind the three, namely, rich media, video and native advertising. At present mainly in the "H5 rich media as a means to require the user to open, the main purpose is to brand promotion; most video ads will appear in our pause, continue to play and will disappear, mainly to the electricity supplier, Mobile Games; native advertising can be seen on the APP website, the content, and general form similar, but marked" advertisement "or" promotion".

and three are often users as advertising harassment. banner inserted at the bottom of the page will usually occupy a part of space, especially an eyesore. Full screen pop-up ads are displayed for the user in the absence of any action, the active pop-up or jump to a certain page, and some even take the initiative to download APP download requests, such as X broadcast. The positioning of the advertising is leaked user's location information, such as XX city online dating.

these three kinds of advertising if you met be careful, promote their products or site is likely to be an empty shell, completely quite different. for example, the so-called "18 ban" APP, will take the initiative to ask the user to download the player, and other users down to find APP is not a player, but the suction fee software. The "shell" advertising in the mobile terminal is very common, I wouldn't have said some small sites to see this kind of news will pop up ads. Class=

"content_img_p" phone poisoning should make the system back to the pot?

my answer is, should not.

whether iOS or Android, there will be the risk of poisoning. Flies do not bite the seamless eggs, and then closed systems such as iOS, there is also a pit of the day. Remember the XcodeGhost events that happened last year? Apple for this purpose in the application of the store under the shelf hundreds of app, including you and I are familiar with WeChat, drops, NetEase cloud music.

is the origin of many developers use the non official channels of XCode development tools, and tools into a malicious software called XcodeGhost. Use of unofficial XCode development of the legitimate applications, bypassing the apple cited a strict review of the proud, to enter the Store App. This thing does not mean that the iOS system security problems, but there are omissions in the Apple Corp's own review link, the user itself is also incapable of action.

and a lot of population in the open Android, in recent years has gradually become closed. But it still does not stop the virus occurred in the end of , largely because of the user's own channels and ways of understanding may be infected with the virus is not clear, a lot of people did not expect past things, have become the source of leakage of personal information and the spread of the virus. This is not the system itself to open the door to welcome all the virus settled". Class= "img_box" id= eco

system closed, with little user size operation and use of the system. users to use the phone, you can choose not to jailbreak or root. Whether Google or apple, manufacturers have warned users, do not easily under the system in a state of insecurity, but there are still a part of the user (with Android), with root as fashion, while ignoring the risk behind this.

so, the world's 85 million Android mobile phone poisoning, Google said that he was not willing to back the pot.

vendors themselves should be implanted in the system of advertising?

mode is the main Internet mobile phone market began to harvest a large, means Android ROM began to implant omnipresent advertising based on MIUI, such as millet, because too much advertising, once in the public opinion in the teeth of the storm. Even in the past do not how to advertise the iOS, but also in the introduction of AppStore competitive ranking model. Whether manufacturers should be implanted in the mobile system advertising, this is indeed a very controversial issue.

mobile phone manufacturers is the logic of "we have users, users demand, we need to throw advertising, or we see who cast? "This logic seems quite reasonable, I was suddenly speechless … … today, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the" Interim Measures "of the Internet advertising management, it will bring to the mobile phone manufacturers will blow. Just to name a few rules --

the provisions of article seventh, Internet advertisement shall be distinguishable, marked "advertisement", to enable consumers to identify it is an advertisement. paid search advertising should be clearly distinguished from natural search results. For example, the latest MIUI8 millet, in the part of the advertising indicate the advertising and promotion words, but there are still a lot of advertising does not distinguish. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" eighth provisions, the use of Internet publishing, send advertising, users should not affect the normal use of the network. in the Internet page to pop up and other forms of advertising, it should be marked marked off to ensure a key to close the . For example, in the MIUI8 folder under the state, although can press the folder name off the "guess you love" column, but did not have significant closed signs, do not understand the operation of MIUI users can turn off.

" provisions of article thirteenth, Internet advertising can be programmed to buy advertising, advertising platform, through the demand side platform and media advertisement information exchange platform for information integration, data analysis and other services targeted release. MIUI8 search Youku in the store, out of the ad is not to show the beauty of the group is unrelated to Youku, can not reflect the era of big data advertising targeted and precision. Class= img_box "

above is my MIUI advertising optimization direction of several small suggestions.

as to whether the manufacturer should be implanted in the system of advertising, this is actually a benefit and ethics, the answer is yes: advertising is understandable, but to take into account the user experience. Manufacturers to make money, the user does not like to see advertising, this can only see the user's own preferences to make decisions, if the manufacturers too much, the user will vote with their feet.

regardless of everyone on the mobile phone advertising attitude is to support or reject, but you can rest assured: formal mobile phone manufacturers advertising will generally have a strict review process, will point to the App security and service, we basically don't have to worry about will click on mobile phone poisoning. However, in the use of mobile phone should be long in mind, to avoid being harmed when fraudulent advertising, copycat and malicious chargeback services with the number of users that are full of tears.

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