Serbia beat Czech road to Rio, very near the Belgrade finals, Rio one step away!

Final Belgrade Serbia

piketiyu· 2016-07-10 04:54:14

2016 Rio Olympic qualifying division semi final glide Siebel team, PEAK Serbia beat Czech 96-72 to advance to the finals. Game host inside advantage, Serbia will face Puerto Rico on Saturday for a Rio Olympic tickets.

in distance from the third end of the game there are 1 minutes and 25 seconds, a strong Czech team was to 17 points reduced to single digits, but PEAK star Milos - at the crucial moment to show the showing tremendous enthusiasm of the core team who hit a record three points ball and lead the team to split out 8-2 small climax, the score to 73-58, helping the team to keep winning, Czech never will narrow the difference to single digits.

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PEAK star Teodosic from third until the end of the game during scored 14 points, is a key factor in the team win. Nicola and Berg Bogdanovic became the pioneer Jokic team on the offensive end, Serbia midfielder Berg Bogdanovic in the game finishes with 21 points and 8 rebounds, and 3 assists, the efficiency value of up to 26.

<" line-height: 28.4444px; "> at the end of the third quarter of Serbia people had 27 assists and, the advantage in the post game host by two ball scored 48 points, including 36 points from inside. Serbia will be on Saturday against Puerto Rico, to compete for a ticket into the Rio olympics.

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