Ruby Lin and Huo family to eat whole laughing and talking

Wallace Huo Ruby Lin fit whole process

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-10 07:47:44

Ruby Lin returned to Taiwan immediately to accompany Wallace Huo to dinner

according to Taiwan media "news" reported on July 9th, artist Ruby Lin in 520 love Wallace Huo, love open less than 2 months, quickly announced that it will get married in Bali Island in 31 days. 10 years of friendship sublimated into lovers by fans blessing, day in Paris before the shows her 9 days to fly back to Taiwan, the time difference is not adjusted back, users will be witnessed she and Wallace Huo appeared together with the family dinner stores!

Ruby Lin Wallace Huo data figure

Ruby Lin days before flying to Paris to see the show, has to fly back to Taiwan on the morning of the 9 day after the plane time did not adjust, she and Wallace Huo that night in a fit figure of users will be caught, the couple was witnessed in the new restaurant at the same time, in the film, Wallace Huo sat on the right when the police brother, on the left is about to become the wife of Ruby Lin, 2 people together with his family during dinner, the whole family laughing and talking, and the atmosphere looks pretty.

fact, Ruby Lin 520 high-profile love Wallace Huo, after marriage, marriage is completed and will be announced in July 31st, never afraid to answer questions related to feelings, even funny fans complain that "I become your husband", also generous response "you become my husband? That's your ex husband! "High EQ in the face of concern for the outside world, and her recent public trip, from time to time captured blossom a happy smile, showing the joy of the bride, after returning to Taiwan store with Wallace Huo pegged picture exposure, warm appearance is also let the envy of everyone, many fans are quite looking forward to the 2 century wedding.

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