The name China fighter deployed anti-ship missile control in the South China Sea Islands

The aircraft anti-ship missile the South China Sea Islands.

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(original title: the reputation of Chinese in the South China Sea Islands to deploy anti-ship missile: fighter turns on duty) "img_box"

5 16 July, naval officers and soldiers in the Xisha Yongxing island of tactical training. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cha Chunming photo

Reference News Network reported on July 9th foreign media said a senior The Pentagon official said 7 days, the Department has the upper China reefs sovereignty in the South Sea China claimed the disputed area of anti-ship missiles, this is the first time publicly confirmed that the US government has activity. According to Kyodo News Agency

reported in July 8th, for East Asian affairs, Deputy Assistant Secretary of defense Abraham den Mark at a congressional hearing that China "has deployed radar systems, anti-ship cruise missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, and realized the value of rotation by fighter".

reported that Mark did not explain China in the disputed waters where the deployment of anti - ship cruise missiles, but he accused Beijing of unilateral change in the South China Sea strategic pattern". He delivered the Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee under the sea power and force said: "once completed and equipment, these facilities will greatly improve the ocean and implement China soundterritory, as well as the ability to distance China coast beyond power projection. "

said, he said, as the United States is determined to show" allowed under international law for any local flight, navigation and operation "part of the efforts of the U.S." Ronald Regan "aircraft carrier this summer in the South Sea Chinese daily operations.

this article source: Reference News Network Editor: Sun Wanlin _NN2747

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