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Liu Qiangdong: if the future Jingdong failed, 99% is my personal caused

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two days ago, Beijing Zhongguancun (8.080, -0.04, -0.49%) Hailong building officially opened, marking an era of electronic stores the end. And in this era heyday, on the opposite side, Hailong building Jingdong store, from a sale of CDs counter come here. Today, the development of their business platform quickly, and played music with electronic stores.

but the Jingdong's body, is also burdened with heavy pressure.

in May this year, just announced the latest Q1 earnings Jingdong, to achieve revenue growth, but still in a state of loss, and facing the stock price fell. O2O and the loss of new financial services, but also to promote the Jingdong, is still trying to make a self change. "6.18" just past, the Jingdong announced immediately reached a series of depth strategic cooperation and WAL-MART, WAL-MART stores will access the dada logistics platform of Jingdong investment and "Jingdong home", and the 1 store was wholly acquired Jingdong. Not long ago, the Jingdong has carried out the business adjustment, the establishment of mall marketing platform system.

CEO, founder of the Jingdong as a Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong has led the fight for a dozen years, faced with countless changes. And when reviewing the past, Liu Qiangdong's feeling is: success requires ten years, as long as the failure of a day. As an entrepreneur, you lead an enterprise, in fact, has been walking the wire, the larger the enterprise, the more thin steel wire. "

Liu Qiangdong has been thinking about the future of Jingdong if they fail. He said: if one day the Jingdong failed, it is not the cause of the market, not the reasons for the opponent's Jingdong, is not the reason for the investors, it must be our team out of the question. ". The following is the

entrepreneur &i Liu Qiangdong signed a dark horse in the book "Liu Qiangdong readme: I business model" (Publisher: CITIC Publishing Group) in the excerpt, here is the story of Liu Qiangdong, entrepreneurs must first learn the lesson: how to treat the difficulties and failures.

why do I do Jingdong

why do we do Jingdong mall? At the beginning, the Jingdong can be said that there is nothing, we have no money, no technology, no supply. But we found that there are a lot of online shopping problems, I think if the Jingdong can solve these problems, we will be able to succeed, this is our thinking.

so, the Jingdong in 2004 when just started, the first is to insist on all of the goods are genuine licensed, you don't have to give you the invoice invoice. We implement low-cost strategy, this is not cheap to renovation, smuggled goods, smuggling, tax evasion based, but reduce operating costs through the optimization of the size, will save the cost of profit to consumers.

our service is constantly innovating. In 2005, we launched the day in Chinese". Once an interview with a foreign media, the reporter asked me a few years ago when I was in Columbia University in class, whether to go to the Amazon to buy things, I said I bought. He asked how it felt, I said it was good, but I can't stand the pace of its logistics. He said that if you Prime (Senior) members of the two days you can receive the goods, that much faster ah. I said Jingdong in China, almost every user is a Prime member, and users do not have to spend $99, as long as you have a shopping full 79 yuan, we can free shipping. We are in Beijing, Shanghai and China these big city are all day.

is because we insist that we solve the problem of long-term existence of a large number of online shopping areas, which is the basis for the survival and rapid development of Jingdong.

so, if you want to start a business, I want everyone to be able to ask yourself a very important question: what's the problem with my project. If you can't solve any problem, then your project is doomed to failure. Entrepreneurship is to solve the problem. Some people say: No, I think I do poineering work is to gain wealth. Indeed, the success of the business to obtain a reasonable, legitimate wealth, this is understandable, but I have never seen any entrepreneur is to gain more wealth and entrepreneurial success.

now, China venture is very fire, fire to what extent? As long as you have a good idea, good idea, it is easy to get $30 million, many people are very happy. But don't forget, no matter how much you get financing, these are not your wealth, and even how much you get financing, you will be ten times to return to the future, the cost of risk investment is the highest in the world. If you are able to loan from the bank, then be sure to loan from the bank, do not take the money to venture capital. Of course, then again, as an entrepreneur, you have no time, the bank will not lend to you, so there is no choice when looking for investors. But do not invest the money as your wealth, as your success. People put money to you, you are more pressure, you have to ten times to go back.

some people say that my business is to be free, I don't want nine to six punch, instigated by others. After the boss, I will be free to dominate my time, when I want to work on when to work. If you are really free, I would advise you to. The venture is not free, because as an entrepreneur, you are the last person in the company must be self-discipline, all in violation of regulations of the company, all of them can be late, but you can't, not ever. If you go to work at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, the brothers must be at three or four in the afternoon.

if you start to be famous, can participate in various forums, if you hold this idea, I can tell you that the last 99% results are you really famous, but also as a case, someone took the venture for $2 billion for 5 years to burn, project failure, and then everyone to analyze how he failed.

can say that today we are really in a very good time, look forward 30 years, looking back 30 years, really no one is more fortunate than we are today, the opportunity is bigger, why? Because we found that almost all of our recent things are accelerating the development of. Today, as a year of changes over the past 10 years; today, technological progress a year over the past 10 years of technological progress faster. When we first on the Internet in 1998, 144 of the cat dial-up Internet, feel very fast, thousands of words of the mail soon received, I think it is incredible. But now, you make a person who is used to the present technology to imagine the speed, he is incredible.

so this gives us a great opportunity to start a business, consumers have the need, as long as you solve the problem, to meet consumer demand, you will be able to get success. In the process of meeting the needs of a lot of new problems, such as environmental problems, pollution problems, medical problems, educational problems, which gives a lot of entrepreneurs to provide a new opportunity. So I want to say, this is a great era, where there is a problem, in fact, where is your opportunity.

always entrepreneurs on a tightrope

I started, there have been a word, might seem very rude, but it really is my heart want, that is: as an entrepreneur, we must have a particularly high dream, is only the first. Perhaps we can not do a lifetime, but we must always use this sentence to remind ourselves, to ask for their own.

but if we do not work hard, we may face failure at any time. This industry is so, it may take ten years to succeed, but it only takes a day. Even if you have a strategic mistake, this error strategy leads your company at least one or two years of mistakes. Any retail enterprise, are not allowed to make mistakes for one or two consecutive years. At the end of each year, we will have three days of strategic meeting to discuss business strategy for the next year, and then make a strategic decision on the final day. If that day we are wrong, then we must be at least a year.

in the past, when the company is still small, the information flow faster, a wrong decision, we sit together to eat a meal, may be who shouted, we are awake. But it's not the same now. After a strategy is formulated, there are vice president, director, Department Manager, layer upon layer. As to when the grass-roots team, many employees feel wrong, but they may lack the found problems to report awareness, or to report also report to come up, or I can not pay attention to report. So, some mistakes may have been made for a long time.

in order to avoid this situation, we are also like the country, every five years to make a strategic plan. And then every year through the end of the three day strategy will determine the second year strategy. This strategy is very important, but in fact it is very simple, is to determine the second years we have to focus on the three things. After this event we settle down, second years a year, money and material, all resources will tilt to the three. Of course, the premise is not to affect the development of other businesses, but also because the resources are tilted, and lead to the original business is going downhill.

in the determination of these three things, we must work together to play the collective wisdom, will let you fully speak, even let you quarrel, dispute, form, the purpose is to let everyone put all views and opinions are to speak out, after carefully weighed, and finally make a decision.

whenever this time, I also tried to control myself, even if the bar is not allowed to take the needle to sew the mouth of the dead do not speak. The less often I speak, the more they dare to say. But they say less, the easier it is to form What I say goes. What I say goes. is the most easy to make strategic mistakes. As an entrepreneur, you lead an enterprise, in fact, has been walking the wire, the larger the enterprise, the more thin steel wire. Today, more intense competition in the enterprise, the enterprise was set up fast, die faster, more and more difficult to succeed.

, of course, we want to do first, but after the establishment, we have every year of the strategy will not mention how much sales, or hard to earn much money. We have always firmly believe that as long as we do our own things well, the other is very natural to the results of the arrival. But if we deliberately pursue, then it must be a result of deformation, a result of deformity.

if the Jingdong fails, the 99% is my personal

caused by a business if successful because the team, if the failure is also because of the team, the team is a problem. The world's first Kodak digital camera was invented, but later it is because the team did not keep up with change, or do not dare to change, resulting in the rise in the other later sadly fall.

Jingdong is the same, if one day the Jingdong failed, then it is not the cause of the market, not the reasons for the opponent of the Jingdong, nor is the reason for investors, it must be our team out of the question. And in the team of 100% of the responsibility, there must be 99% caused by me.

on the one hand, all the Jingdong, whether it is an ordinary employee or an executive, are not capable of leading the Jingdong to a wrong way. Have this ability, only I a person. On the other hand, our team, a large part of people did not work in other companies, and have not been affected by other companies. When they entered the Jingdong, they received the education and training of the Jingdong.

so, if our business out of the question, if our team is out of the question, then I must be out of the question, this is my chief executive ability is not good: either the strategy, the direction is wrong, I did not bring the enterprise to the right path; or my management ability the problem, I can not let my staff to better promote the development of Jingdong.

also because of this, after the listing of the Jingdong, in addition to the obvious benefits, I personally have some pressure. This pressure is not from elsewhere, it is from my team.

at the end of 2015 the Jingdong team has nearly 110 thousand people, any one of the 110 thousand, because working in a Jingdong, they are all out with respect to two times, three times the salary, and job better. Because in the eyes of everyone we are a successful business, we recognize our success, so we will have a look at our staff.

but if my own mistakes, too, so it is possible to let the more than 110 thousand brothers and sisters overnight to lose their jobs and careers, and some even insist on 10 years of sweat. Moreover, if they are forced to leave after the failure of the Jingdong, they have to go to another place, and other businesses to find a job as a loser. At that time, the Jingdong can not only give them additional benefits, may also give their career a little bad influence.

this is something I'm not willing to see, and I've been trying to avoid it. In my opinion, if there is such a day, then 99% is my responsibility. The remaining 1% belong to their individual, because they chose the wrong person, with my boss together in the Jingdong struggle, this is they should bear 1% of the responsibility.

so, in this regard, to be honest, my psychological pressure is relatively large, and even more successful Jingdong, in this regard, the greater the pressure. I continue to learn, and strive to improve their management capabilities, in fact, there are reasons for this. I wish I had enough strength to stay a little longer in the CEO position.

for a high-speed operation of the enterprises, substitutions, especially executives or chief executive officer, is a very painful thing. To CEO, for example, although I know that they have the ability to touch the ceiling, but also know that if true to that day, they will choose to exit the operating layer. But to tell the truth, I can force myself to learn, to improve, but I absolutely can not easily remove the burden of chief executive officer.

look at other companies we will find that CEO turnover, many in the next will be accompanied by a large number of core staff and executives turnover, almost every enterprise is such. Generally speaking, for a CEO, the company needs to be about three years of shock period, the early must be the chief executive officer for the. Otherwise, if the change is wrong, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. I do not like to talk about the big reason, also do not understand the profound scientific theory of knowledge, but I like to collect cases. When you take one hundred or two hundred or hundreds of cases on the table, we can clearly draw a conclusion: whether domestic or foreign, whether large or small enterprises, if the CEO, then take out their performance, we can see the change of this very clear.

internationalization or not, directly determine the future

familiar with my people know, I often talk about Zhongguancun, why do you talk about Zhongguancun? Zhongguancun is a typical representative. When I was in Zhongguancun in 1998, Zhongguancun was the perfect ecological system. From a product point of view, there are everything, definitely able to meet the different needs of users.

once thought Zhongguancun is forever indestructible, no one can replace the mode of Zhongguancun. But now, Zhongguancun, no, why? That is because business development is doomed to its rule, this small country style business model is doomed to decline. Commercial law of development is bound to be the realization of the organization of the circulation of goods, to achieve standardized services. The final choice of consumers must be the brand as the first reason. So the next 10 years should be said to be the whole of China's retail gold 10 years. The past 30 years belong to the manufacturing sector, but in the next 10 years, I believe that China must belong to the retail industry.

today, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, all developed countries, the emergence of WAL-MART, Carrefour, Costco and countless other giant type retail enterprises, they make large-scale, organized commodity circulation, management flow, lost many intermediate links, with low cost, high efficiency, brand owners to help the product is delivered to the hands of consumers, thereby reducing the cost of the entire business chain, enhance the efficiency of the entire commercial chain.

the next 10 years, I believe that Chinese must be transferred to the era of consumer goods, the kind of disorder, no standard, no brand, brand owners and consumers can not bring to the fair trade type retail value will gradually decline; instead, Chinese will appear big Mac style retail enterprises to occupy China standard commercial 60%~70% market share.

I have the last dream in my heart, this dream has come true, I also should retire to go home to embrace the grandson to go to. This dream is international.

said China numerous enterprises have been trying to do international, 99% of the enterprises and some even died covered all over with cuts and bruises. Why do we have to do it?

internationalization, which is almost certain achievements and status of Jingdong in the country after a certain way to go. Some people ask, we do the domestic business, as long as one can definitely do the first, but also can make a lot of money, why do you want to go to the internationalization of it? Yes, within 10 years, we do not do international business, the entire Jingdong will have a very good. But if there is no effort to take the step of internationalization, to do an international company, 10 years later we will face a great challenge.

on a global scale, we have one of the largest friends of the amazon. If one day, Amazon's earnings in the world are realized only in Chinese, Jingdong are competitors, Amazon will focus on the global power, the last enemy destroyed in the China market, and we only have a market Chinese. Therefore, whether to move towards internationalization, decided 10 years after the Jingdong is to win glory or shame.

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