Do you still remember the man who was nearly $5 billion in the women's version of Jobs? Her laboratory was closed!

Laboratory Jobs

TechWeb· 2016-07-10 13:05:24

according to foreign media reports, the United States blood testing company Theranos recently by the U.S. health regulators impose severe penalties, " the revocation of the company in California blood liquefied laboratory business license, and not to be opened at least within two years. />


Elizabeth Holmes . This company is known as the subversion of the traditional blood test, only a few drops of blood can be completed up to 240 medical examination in professional medical laboratory, from cholesterol to almost all cancer can be detected.

Theranos co-founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes

< p> and Holmes himself also has countless people is the perfect Silicon Valley "entrepreneurial goddess", "color: :

31, worth nearly $5 billion last year to become the Forbes female billionaires list the youngest one.

19 years old, she dropped out from Stanford University founded the blood test company Theranos in the received multiple rounds of a total of more than $400 million in financing, valuation was as high as $9 billion. />

title, and was president Obama's entrepreneur ambassador.

she founded the Theranos company "known as" has developed a blood test found dozens of diseases, just from the finger to get one to two drops of blood, the price is only 1/10 of the traditional detection method.

once Silicon Valley venture goddess "text-align: Center;

but in October last year, the" Wall Street journal "the Theranos after only a few blood a series of blood detection technology questioned. Holmes altar in the voices of doubt in the outside. At present,

, founded by Holmes Theranos under multi agency investigation, also accused in court, is accused of endangering the health of customer data, "a lot of mistakes", distort the blood test accuracy and quality. />

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