Not only will the game will tell jokes to substitute ZZR Avatar scripts!

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tuwanwang· 2016-07-10 17:07:26


SOFM SS joined the Vietnam jungler firmly occupy the first position, after the team before starting playing wild ZZR had to play backup RANK for

jungler SOFM Vietnam's accession to the SS firmly occupy the first position, the first team before playing wild ZZR had to play backup for RANK state. 11:30 last night, ZZR suddenly incarnation of the hand piece, experienced about a hilarious joke.

"sometimes songs really have a lot of feelings. ZZR said: "when I was in junior high school, I went to the Internet cafe, overheard chopsticks brothers" father ", I feel particularly sorry dad, and then quit the game back to the bedroom to learn. I have deducted 27 points, and I have decided not to listen to the song again. "

netizens have said:" that's the way you ZZR! "

" don't let the LOL delay your scripts! "

" you look so lively and I can rest assured. "

" refueling ZZR, waiting for you to come back. "Class=

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