50 year old Gong Li who attended the enchanting fashion show

Gong Li fashion show stature paper fan

3Gmenhuyule· 2016-07-10 20:38:18

according to Hongkong media reports, international superstar Gong Li has always maintained, but earlier Canbei refers to chubby and stature like aunt, the day before yesterday (July 7th) she appeared in Rome to attend a fashion show, show charming S curve in open chest tight dress, with action to protest.

50 year old Gong Li last night (7 days) held in Rome attending the Fendi Couture fur fashion show, with the field as well as American actress Kate Hudson (Kate Hudson), a four drama "Potts" actress Leslie Kim, South Korean female group members of SNSD Tiffany and Stanley Ho Shen four Liang Anqi too.

Lafayette personally

brand to celebrate its 90 LeightonWebworks anniversary special back to the birthplace of Rome, and the location of the famous fountain held a fashion show, Kate Hudson arrived at the scene with a coin, said excitedly to make a wish, very funny! The day before Gong Li arrived in Rome after no weakness, appeared in the local street also waved coquettish. Last night (July 7th) she attended the fashion exhibition chest close fitting dress with a black dress, although very dense, but close cropped to show the sexy S curve, her hand holds the meeting to each guest donated by the Chinese fans, full of domineering black queen, completely vindicated "chubby" and "aunt made". Gong Li also won the women's creative director "brand Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld reception, two photos.

Leslie Kim Tiffany happy self

scene two Han Leslie Kim and Tiffany just to meet that do not know each other beforehand because Joy mingled with surprise., will attend, so there is a foreign land refresher feeling, meet constantly chat,

has also come up with mobile phone stop timer. But as a fashion show models catwalk supermodel Kendall Jenner when walking and dancing, the atmosphere is rising! The Kendall Kris Jenner on the mother daughter and Lafayette and photo assistant.

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