Real brother basketball, Nicks's signing of the achievements of the NBA a group of three brothers


NBAtiyuzixun· 2016-07-10 21:10:30

Beijing time on July 8th, Nicks was born in the small basketball elite Duke University plumbly signed three year contract, the contract for the first year of full guarantee contract. In this year's draft, small Plumlee was not the team saw, and then Nicks with a training camp contract will be incurred under, also because of the training camp in the work, only Nicks as he opened a three year contract.

after the NBA also has three brothers and now Zeller, plumbly three brothers, this thing seems gene works!

before people focus on the expectations of the three Gasol brothers band together the NBA scene, with little Gasol in Serie B will burst. After that if the retired players give birth to 5 children, can not direct the team.


to be the actual master?

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