# sofa king # fourth weekly period began, the first 7.4-7.8 daily headlines comment, "fans will get security guards?

Sofa security guard

jincuodao· 2016-07-10 21:21:20

# "sofa king # daily this week reburning!

time: July 4th ~7 8

prize: hydrotek net style= "line-height: 25.6px /p>

# fans to record the #

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background a reader asked why two weeks before the

1.6; when it comes to the reason...

1.6; British exit

Italy lost to Germany T-T "

" explosive "the strategy of Jingdong to raise public break 200w

to get the prize went to

# #, where the" wrong knife "WeChat public daily tweets # weekdays only #, until the next day at 12, message points like the number of the highest readers will get a # today to write a message, check the winning tomorrow! # after the speed drop in WeChat background with micro signal: XXX "or" mobile phone number: XXX "format of the message, and then wait for small ruthless together! We will announce the prize winning message and Dao friends on Sunday, # Dao friends weekend from the small company ~#

1.6; @ Thank gold master Tao sister, as fans have you good health / max

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