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RK car program to control the best view of the smart devices super engine landing


ruixinweilaile· 2016-04-21 11:25:44

< p = "line-height: 25.6px; white-space: normal;" >2016 in spring electronics show ended, rockchip rockchip pound released annual flagship RK3399 high-end chip, rockchip in intelligent vehicle market will continue to force, the chip get market fully recognized, constantly updated product form, leading the trend, profound knowledge of intelligent vehicle machine, intelligent mirror products with irresistible force. A variety of products equipped with Rockchip vehicle program debut at the show.  

< span style=" font-family: line-height:; 25.6px; > console: is equipped with the new overlord" font-family: song; line-height: ">Rockchip PX4 high order scheme of network


car machine low? Is the rear view mirror high? Give you the best visual navigator "super engine" to! One of the highlights of the spring electronics show nothing more than to have the mirror shape controlled car machine - super engine, equipped with rockchip higher-order Px4 car networking scheme, < span style = "line-height: 22.4px;" > quad core processor, mali-450gpu. Help car networking products fully upgraded. Support before and after double record, ADAS, Android 5.1, 3G/WiFi/BT/GPS four in one module, excellent power control.

integration of various intelligent functions, position control, double spiral structure, at any time adjust the camera position, ADAS warning, driving records, and double record; 3G Internet, cloud free speech with high accuracy control; real-time traffic, real navigation, navigation is the most comfortable position.

more Rockchip vehicle program, to meet the different needs of the market before and after the car mounted

Rockchip power automobile intelligent equipment installed before and after the market, mainstream car machine PX2, PX3, RK1108 and RK2928GH is the flagship manufacturers products, an important platform, with stable system and the advantage of high integration and so on.

PX2/PX3, respectively, dual core and quad core Cortex-A9 GPU can be flexible for large screen car machine and intelligent rear view mirror.

RK1108 chip will be launched in 2016 Q2, the car is planning the main control chip for small system the recorder Cortex-A7+DSP architecture to support 1440P+1080P+VGA at the same time recording, built-in DDR3 chip, WDR, HDR, ADAS and other support functions.

Rockchip this year will actively layout of the automotive market, with a number of Internet companies and well-known enterprises such as Honda, Geely and other cooperation, is rockchip to enter the car market strong force, the follow-up will have more products to the marketplace. Coming soon!

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vehicle program the

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