Gao Xiaosong sun self into the inflatable doll"

Net friend Gao Xiaosong self timer

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-11 10:04:59

Gao Xiaosong microdermabrasion grinding too self

Phoenix Entertainment News (text / Kyon) 11 am, Gao Xiaosong micro-blog share a new sun glasses self, is the collective Tucao friends photos exfoliating grinding too "inflatable doll".

Gao Xiaosong micro-blog

screenshot photos of Gao Xiaosong, white face like peeling the skin of the egg, tender slippery, and he was dubbed the "Moon" millions of gullies skin condition caused by far, the strong desire of netizens tucao.

Gao Xiaosong (information)

users have commented that "grind collagen." "Gao Xiaosong" doll "took seven hundred photos of two years grinding skin" "this paper mill, don't know that you let the boiling water. The faded layer of skin"

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