"Xue Yi" 23 years ago exposure stills eyes speak

Wang Lin stills eyes years ago

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-11 10:05:02

Wang Lin

according to the old phoenix entertainment news recently, China Hiroshi Beijing winter rain exposed a group of snow aunt Wang Lin 23 years ago. In the photo, Wang Lin round face, big eyes full of silently conveyed tenderness, earrings is to steal the spotlight.

it is reported that Wang Lin, 2001 in Qiong Yao romance in the rain "in shaping the success of" one corner of Xue Yi, known to the audience. 1989 admitted to the Shanghai Theater Academy, 1990 was sent to Moscow State Film Institute to study abroad, returning after the start of career. In many TV dramas, she is always in order to shape the character of different character is known, from the "beautiful" Pearl River Zhang full of love, to the "romance in the rain" Ming Yan smart, but rather subtle, especially the snow aunt scolded power, to "live with a smile" in the Xu Liran, Wang Lin brought a a classic image of the screen. Class= img_box "

Wang Lin old photos

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