Chinese peacekeepers attacked scene exposure

China army infantry battalion Sergeant

junbaojizhe· 2016-07-11 13:55:33

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7 10, South Sultan government forces and anti-government forces continue to fight in the capital Zhu ba. Local time is 18:39, I went to the South Sultan peacekeeping infantry battalion 1 armored vehicles in the United South Sioux group headquarters Camp Camp executive vigilance task when suddenly a projectile attacks, causing China soldiers Li Lei sacrifice, 3 people injured, 3 people were slightly injured.

in the suffering of armed attacks, Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion of corporal Li Lei, head and chest injuries, died sacrifice.

sergeant Yao Daoxiang, sergeant, corporal Xiao Hui, Wu Yue Song Hoya, corporal, Sergeant Chen Ying, four sergeant Yang Shupeng injured. Class= img_box "

shell damaged wall.

left at the scene.

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