Lose money? FBI to unlock the iPhone spent over $1 million 340 thousand

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tengxunkeji· 2016-04-21 13:04:59

< p align = "center" >真不是赔本买卖吗?FBI为解锁iPhone花了超134万美元

< p class = "pictext align =" center "> TNW Chinese station on April 22, < p > according to foreign media reports, although Apple unlock door event has basically come to an end the, but the rest is still warm, the latest news show that the FBI to unlock the terrorist iPhone 5C, to third parties paid more than $100 million in fees. < p > recently, in London the Aspen security forum, the FBI director James COMEY, James COMEY and talk about the matter, he tactfully the FBI to unlock the phone to pay the price.

"in order to unlock the phone, we really paid a big price, the third party paid the fee will be on top of my salary in seven years and four months. But I think the value of the deal." Comi said. Although he did not call a spade a spade, but we all know that COMEY's annual salary of $18.33 million, the FBI in the unlock spent a total of $134 million, this figure is really amazing.

the sale is really such as Ke said the same value? I'm afraid not, the latest news shows, iPhone did not get any valid information from the unlock 5C FBI, and after the terrorist has been using this machine and ISIS supporters to contact. But the Komi not discouraged, he thinks has mastered this technology, the future can help the FBI to unlock more iPhone 5C (running IOS 9).

so in the end is who break this 5C iPhone it? From the point of view of an existing message, the implementation of this task is the name as cellebrite Israeli companies, but the company to unlock events has been tight lipped. < p > previously, cellebrite has developed over a general purpose. It can crack running IOS 7 version of the iPhone, but IOS and IOS 9 degree of safety can not be mentioned in the same breath. Apple had asked the FBI to open the way, but FBI chose not to respond. < p > < strong > struggle still continues to

< p > although Apple unlocked the doors have been temporarily a paragraph, but from a macro perspective, this thing is only just beginning to ferment, the future of all technology companies will in encryption and anti encryption and government to launch the seesaw battle.

recently, the United States Congress is considering a bill to reverse the encryption act, the bill requires the technology company to provide the court for the government to provide unlocking services. The bill is a stone to stir up thousands of waves, including many technology companies, including Google and Microsoft, including the coalition against the draft. They believe that the legislative branch "is intended to be good, but the policy is completely operational, and if the bill is passed, people will not be able to protect their property and personal safety." < p > if the encryption of defense is broken, users can not only exposed under the supervision of government, they will suffer from attacks by malicious hackers. Encryption is like a lock, if anyone can get the key to the lock, the so-called safe and come from it? (Jia Hui)

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