To move the brick party a few small proposal to choose the king or hell level

The king hell advice or

tuwanwang· 2016-07-11 14:00:48

today for everyone to bring a few suggestions to move bricks, hoping to help you.

today for everyone to bring a few suggestions to move bricks, hoping to help you.

1, the best choice for poor move brick grandits king, if King is feeling a bit difficult the small warrior class, does not recommend the hell, is a waste of time, two is particularly vulnerable to sanctions, for an account with a plurality of brick carrying the role of the game player in terms of sanctions is very bad things.

2, if you feel tired to move bricks, Xiaobian recommended not to listen to music, because music easily trapped, moving bricks time is generally longer, I recommend to listen to the dialogue, especially Guo Degang and Yu Qian crosstalk (Dragon applauds = =

3, Srote power station bricks had been spent, but also can not move, if you're white, each tube can produce four or five fatigue powder that no one could stop you, some people say if steel chip prices more than five thousand or eight thousand to move the steel so. Xiao Bian also tested steel yields, pure gold no grandits. Chip data will generally 50 or so, the key is a waste of time, I use the same number, average 1 points hit steel king 20 seconds to play Grandits King average less than a minute, at a glance, and I do not say what steel card, grandits out of cards, see luck, two card price is poor, but ask you how many game player friends, you can brush out a powder fatigue card?

4, now moving bricks party to do the task, and his temporal fissure tasks can be done, because even if the tasks are done, at last after revision, the two special map will not disappear.

5, to deal with the problem, brick equipment well, different people have different views, Xiaobian my number is more, so I sold the equipment to move the brick store, but do not pay attention to how to get the equipment in the scarlet letter together to sell the shop before, Xiaobian recommended selling equipment to use the mouse to sweep a circle on the equipment, to see if there is no letter again, in case of equipment down to concentrate the scarlet letter! Look at the concentration of price, day, what happened, how to rise to concentrate this price? The contradiction and concentration to sell.

6, is also a topic that is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, support soldiers, if you want to practice the trumpet, practice a men and women machinery or call storm (up) or Iga Bela for practicing the trumpet is absolutely the best friend to help. If you want to clear a small map of the group of strange words, then choose the Red God's collapse or frozen ice storm like ability.

7, want to upgrade the warehouse friend, you should first upgrade the account warehouse, so you can put all the materials in the account on the account of the warehouse.

8, Xiao Bian recommended moving bricks save money and do not think of what materials or equipment Tun, made you, if lost, their hard-earned money is wasted, but since it is carrying the bricks party, I estimate the business level not much stronger than me, small in the past Tun challenge books, endless, psychedelic, but once lost a tun, although I don't want to admit it, but have to admit, I really do not business material.

9, want to do things my friends, of course is to do 80 holy things, Xiao Bian also know better the 85 holy attribute point, but when the brush circle graph, met the king dead you can stack nausea.

10, can't move brick speed really quickly, be careful of sanctions, there is don't want to what science and technology work, and what I heard DNF official version 2, the sanctions are bigger, so we moved the party's honest man or brick. Far shares design

11, Gabriel powder met the sale, do not excited, want to see the ancient powder design is bought, small head was fever, bought two or three design, even a sell, unless you're really sure, it can sell out, to tell the truth! Really, what can not buy, I feel it is the design and value. See, this does not know when to buy the broken drawings, but also to keep it, not to sell ah.

12, machinery, calling such occupation, do not eat yellow 100 words, so, when the call of mechanical occupation in the choice of the title should pay attention to, don't follow the wind, like the spirit of grace and righteousness [Rui three] this the title will not buy.

13, see Post Bar surface has been discussed: the challenge book would not fall to ten thousand following? Anyway, Xiao Bian think impossible, not to mention ten thousand, fifteen thousand are not challenging book friends, small advice or sell it now the game currency in relative terms, than in the past has been a lot of valuable.

14, the abyss brush to SS, unless you are sure that this SS I must keep, if you are not sure to leave it as soon as possible decomposition it, sell into money is the hard truth, small quick, has been selling junk blue white and purple outfit, the SS sold several, I also know to find, but more trouble, and finally did not find.

15, if you feel that your equipment is not bad, why is a lot slower than others, is certainly not the right skills, then search others move brick video, learn! As the saying goes well, three of us are walking together there must be my teacher Niang, Niang where ah! Finally I wish all the bricks

party deep explosion SS, moving bricks happy, never stop.

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