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Mobile Games Warcraft movie Waterloo

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view, Warcraft film "Waterloo"

this past Friday, just after the release of the film "Warcraft" full day for a month, the day, this is known as "the best film adaptation of the game" of the film, also officially from theaters next frame. At the same time, the Internet began to spread all kinds of "world of Warcraft" movie is cliff style decline "sound.

indeed, the first week of world of Warcraft movie theaters for the first week of 1 billion 30 million, accounting for 70% of the total box office, very stunning. But unfortunately, even in the Wanda cinema to row piece rate of up to 79.5%, the average non Wanda cinema row piece rate as high as 64%, the second week of "world of Warcraft" movie is only harvested 120 million at the box office, is the first week of the 12%. According to the statistics of the opal film, as of Friday, "Warcraft" in the China cumulative box office of 1 billion 472 million, ultimately failed to break through 1 billion 500 million, the "Mermaid" and "crazy animal city", the bet box will break 2 billion friends to fulfill the bet. Class= img_box "

, however, a movie, you can explain the value of the IP of Warcraft? At the beginning of the movie, is also popular with this piece, "this film is good, adapted into the game can make money! "In retrospect, combined with the current game market, thanks to the Warcraft official Mobile Games, or how many have drained China pockets, game player.

look at the global market performance of this film, only the Chinese market contributed more than 50% of the box office. Even if it is only China market, according to the administration of the fund office box office data released in July 4th, the June national film box office 3 billion 863 million yuan, "world of Warcraft" movie would be 1 billion 462 million, accounting for 38%. It China market performance, if not the feelings of work, estimates of the jun family Cola grape (a cat) don't believe.

world of Warcraft affected by the crowd, or the year of the "World of Warcraft" to play home more. Although there are a lot of people say that the film is based on a "Warcraft" story adaptation, but look back, in the film at the beginning of the highest voice is shouting "tribes" in order to "alliance" of the "World of Warcraft" game player, these fans are also generally will be mentioned at the beginning and the XX together. Then how to open up wasteland and truancy.

you see, or client online games have charm. This is probably now with the Mobile Games market is somewhat similar to a plurality of end tour adaptation of IP products, a change of form, with feelings as a selling point, to move from PC end, continue to dominate the market, enjoying the fans economy. "World of Warcraft" movie is not lasting, mainly lies in the movie and Mobile Games has a very big difference, the film is basically a one-time consumption, and the game will continue through the experience to allow users to continue to retain the game player, feelings of pay.

on the movie box office performance is mainly divided into two stages, the first stage is the first week, there is no doubt that mainly comes from the fans. However, when the purchasing power of fans successor fatigue, to the second stage is more embarrassing, and can only rely on content to attract the audience, the crowd is also more focused on the general public.

and the "world of Warcraft" movie either theme or content, from the first step to draw the line, more far away from the general public to make it. On the other hand, the whole plot also showed a certain threshold. The grape Jun viewing experience as an example, as "Warcraft", "World of Warcraft" the whole story of Warcraft game player, on the background of a certain degree of understanding, at the same time, the production time of up to 10 years of the film comes with certain feelings of aura, so grape Jun in more than 2 hours of time has been in a very hi state, can get to the bursting point, the tears hidden in the film.

for non players...... Don't fall asleep is already very good.

hand travel is not the same. If the hand travel market performance is also divided into two parts as the film, although the public users may still not how to pay attention, but at least, can make the first phase of the indefinite extension. The convenience of mobile, so that the core game player can whenever and wherever possible will "Warcraft" with me, just like a lot of IP end tour now adapted products like, for the retention and consumption, will not appear after the movie like explosion ".

market has long proved the feelings of the Chinese players, very useful. But the world of Warcraft for a different form of expression of the game, it will set off the mood of the fans only. Of course, we can often see a lot of "spicy chicken" game, often run out of a touch ball, rub the Warcraft X shiny IP cattle, there will always be a game player hit.

thanks to Blizzard dad, thanks to the official tour of the world of warcraft. Class= img_box "

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