What kind of virtual reality can touch? Oculus made a prototype.

Virtual reality prototype Facebook equipment

weifengwang· 2016-07-11 16:24:14

virtual reality, which is VR for everyone to experience the visual change life, but we want more: our bodies do want to experience the virtual world? Oculus did a little bit of a try.

Oculus and Facebook joint research and development of an experimental device called HapticWave, at this stage can be simulated in a sense of space on the plane.

this device is a circular touch panel, its metal surface can produce different frequencies of vibration at different locations, the palm of your hand can feel the movement of the object.

in the demo, the user is wearing Oculus Rift helmet and headset, hand on top of the HapticWave, the eyes can see a ball rolled over, and can hear the approaching rolling sound, while the palm could feel a thing approaching.

said this is an experimental equipment, due to the fact that palm doesn't feel "simulation", you can not feel the movement track of the object in the space, the palm felt only simulated feeling. At the very least, the experience of this prototype is not a way to apply.

haptic simulation of the virtual world began very early. Game handle with vibration is the first attempt to handle Xbox One can trigger a simple simulation of force feedback and gun recoil, such as steering wheel direct holding device of force feedback effect is better.

generated force feedback in the virtual space, Microsoft Asia Research Institute has published a prototype.

they gave a touch screen plus an extra layer, when your finger somewhere, which will produce high-frequency vibration, can produce a layer of air film between your fingers and touch screen. Let your fingers in the same touch screen feel rough feel different.

but after the 2014 demonstration of the prototype did not follow the progress of the follow-up: miniaturization should be a lot of difficulties, when the prototype phone like a huge brick.

Oculus Rift is the main position of the VR experience, HapticWave such a prototype may have developed, but like HTC Vive with motion detection in the space of the main handle interactive equipment, force feedback is too difficult. Now the Vive handle press the trigger has a vibration feedback, but the sense of being in the virtual space, the feeling is still very far away.

feels like it's a little easier to put a tube in the back of the head.

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