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rock climbing

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climbing gym or in the field of. After all, rock climbing should pay attention to the basic law. If you're climbing is not very understanding but very interested, may wish to look at Xiaobian I recommend these new and exciting ways to ensure you know rock climbing, refresh for climbing, oh ~
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water rock climbing is a name on the surface of rock climbing. Is refers to the deep water above the rock does not protect the climbing, falls off automatically falls into the water. If in the hot summer, found a cliff in the sea, the rock is secure under conditions of water depth, is simply not so good ~ but if you climb too high to fall straight and also will have a problem.
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Free Solo refers to the absence of any protection under the condition of only relying on personal power climbing. In case of failure of the country? Then that... You can only try this route again in your life.
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not all rock can be quickly climbed. There are quite a lot of rock take days or even weeks to be conquered. This time you have to stay in the rock for a long time, even to spend the night in the rock. Right in the vertical wall on sleep in tents. Of course, you also need a reliable mate with you up before.
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? Not for the ice axe, how still used in the rock climbing. Ice climbing is a game derived from mixed climbing, ice climbing in, in fact, wearing a boot crampons, with axes of rock climbing. Is a sport climbing, ice climbing exercise combined technology. Very practice technology.

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Can, it is climbing climbing - count small classification