The Commission settled office a year 103 people 1 people were transferred to judicial organs

The office the discipline inspection group being supervised the Commission the judicial organs

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< p > the China Disciplinary Inspection and supervision newspaper yesterday published an article disclosed that the central discipline inspection group settled in the general office of the Central Committee of the party a year, has been investigated processing involves seven units of 103 disciplinary problems, processing or treatment decisions 103 people, which, given or quasi given disciplinary lighter punishment and tissue processing 38 people, give or quasi given disciplinary heavy punishment of 15 people, transferred to judicial organs of one person. < p > < strong > does not appear together, "hello" of the situation

< p > 2015 on April 9, discipline inspection group stationed office officially assigned. Responsible for the supervision of the general office of the CPC Central Committee, Central Committee of political science and law authority, Policy Research Office of CPC Central Committee, the central office of the National Security Council, the central financial work leading group office, literature research center, Central Party History Research Center, the central archives Museum, Central Security Council do office etc. nine units. < p > through visits to research, discussion discussion, in-depth interviews, in democratic life will, in the office of the discipline inspection group of nine being supervised units function positioning, business characteristics, power analysis of, pointed out that some units exist tube party wide soft and the existence problems underestimate, "huduzi" and "a skeleton in the cupboard is not outside the Yang. < p > up to now, in the office of the discipline inspection group to investigate the processes involved seven units, more than 100 cases of discipline problems, in violation of the political discipline and rules of 60% and in some cases bad. "103 cases of investigation and handling of disciplinary problems, there has not been a 'hello' situation." In the office of the discipline inspection team leader Xu Lingyi said. < p > < strong > to deal with the problem in half from the masses

< p > 2015 May 8, and in the office of the Discipline Inspection Group officially stationed in just one month. Hsu Yi called supervision organs and units of the discipline committee meetings, gathering strength supervision, deployment of the party's eighteen years reflect the problem leads to departmental cadres "Qidi, required to achieve zero storage. As of the end of 2015, received a total of clues to 45, in addition to a problem leads more fuzzy, not to be, the rest have all been Banjie. < p > may 2015, August and December, discipline inspection group stationed in the office has dealt with 3 against the wind violation of the central eight prescribed psychiatric problems, and named names bulletin exposure, let "of discipline disapproval" of the party members and cadres have been strongly deterred.

in 2015, the central inspection group has the authority and the Central Party History Research Center to conduct special inspections. After the end of the tour, the discipline inspection team led the investigation found clues to the investigation and handling of work, at present, the transfer of the central inspection teams more than and 40 clues 70% has been processed. < p > it is understood, the discipline inspection group stationed in the office have been investigated treatment of 103 cases of disciplinary problems, treatment or treatment decisions 103 people. Among them, talking inquiry letter 49 people, give or quasi given disciplinary lighter punishment and tissue processing 38 people, give or quasi given disciplinary heavy punishment of 15 people, transferred to judicial organs.

, the current discovery and treatment of the problem, the masses of the petition report about 50%, about 40% of inspections, after we visited the research, talk about 10% of the found." Xu Lingyi said the next step will continue to improve the discipline inspection team found the problem, the ability to solve problems. < p > 27 a cadre of personal matters related to declare untrue

< p > official stationed, Zhongban in discipline inspection group for "strict three real feature of democratic life club problems formulated the programme of work of the special supervision. "The rectification of the problem of 'dry cargo', to see people, see things, see ideas, see the discipline, strict requirements and truly reflect the real." Xu Lingyi said, this is an important starting point to strengthen the supervision of the office of the discipline inspection group. < p > in the office of the discipline inspection group to seize the key minority, ordered 27 personal matters declared false cadres write a written statement, to the appointing authority proposed to give criticism and education opinion clear; from disciplinary problems analysis, list the central government cadres in violation of 14 kind of phenomenon of "six discipline", both as to educate and guide the focus, and the formation of case shall check the powerful momentum, promote is supervised construction of a clean and honest administration in the unit.

newspaper integrated China discipline inspection and supervision reported

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