And what is a good looking person with the box feeling? Let Liu Yifei and Baoqiang Wang tell you

Liu Yifei Baoqiang Wang

xinlangyule· 2016-07-11 19:17:39

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wuli 1.6; after the baby got a new haircut, and Liu Yifei with the box! This contrast is not to talk about it, real obvious!

two personal

don't know why Baoqiang Wang stealing honey! Especially with this thick head of hair!

and nice one box is what kind of feelings? Style=

if and female star with the box is not what, that Song Xiaobao can put on the list!

Song Xiaobao has now become" meat harvester ", he was a popular meat! Style=

and Wu Yifan, more brilliant than who laughs!

who is down to earth!

and Luhan, who is more shy than!

and Zhang Yixing, who is more than not to play by the rules!

and Wei Daxun, who is more than a boyfriend (I force station Andy!)

and Jiro Wang, who is more than rouqingsishui!

and Huang Zitao, who is more attractive to the eye?

strangely, some with the box I the first thing to note is the song andy!

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