Hot hair hot custom home industry, dividends and crises with the deposit!

Industry dividends

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in the industry and have cross over the Internet and technology circle of people's eyes, "Home Furnishing" this very traditional field, ten years has been less of emerging Internet, technology and capital are concerned, but with 80, 90 has gradually become the mainstream consumer home decoration, decoration of their Home Furnishing consumer demand and personalized online shopping habits, change the traditional vendors both cognitive. Custom home that is in this market period, to get the unexpected market pattern!

in Home Furnishing custom fields, has Sophia, Holike, Topstrong and other companies landing the domestic capital market of the plate (the motherboard and the new board), in the field of the Internet home Home Furnishing, science and technology innovation "outlet", Home Furnishing custom in the short and long period of return, the industry and the capital blitz. This is called a "bonus" "!

of Home Furnishing custom field a comb, found that it is really "cheap"

: first, "custom" Home Furnishing is more and more hot young consumer consumption potential holding. because of the word custom, received a lot of praise highly personalized consumer pursuit of young people.

second, "custom" has let furniture Nandeng high-end Home Furnishing market "tall". furniture has been defined as "the fact of low-end products in the domestic market, all friends, such as four or five ten billion, a pearl in the palm of sales enterprises are still difficult to enter a market (even Macalline, home stores are difficult to enter the system), we can see that the real market situation. It is because of "custom", which is still the furniture "custom Home Furnishing" in the price and brand, to achieve the "sublimation" (in Europe Home Furnishing mature consumer market, the production of raw materials in accordance with the "furniture has great environmental protection" is the mainstream, Home Furnishing products such as IKEA's core products is to artificial plate as the main raw material). />

because of the "custom" and consumers to change the earlier purchase of finished products for the furniture of the mode of payment: basically is the production of consumers, manufacturers after the first pay, in the financial risk control in fact is done completely master. />

let the envy of the finished furniture is the same as furniture, custom furniture is relatively easy to obtain high profit and high profit. />

O2O, C2B, industrial 4 concept, it is the custom very influential outlet period, all have Home Furnishing "(although the domestic furniture manufacturing industry from the real 4 there is a large distance, there is more to automation and flexible production, which is known as the" 3.5 industry "), has not only high profits in the short term in the long term, there are" earnings "for custom Home Furnishing enterprises and professional investors, it is one of the few" best cheap"! />

[Home Furnishing custom, is the "consumer education" and "a classic case of"

Home Furnishing] for the home improvement industry, our source of the industrial chain of consumption such as the real estate is earlier too good to do, even a "finished" are not given to the purchase, just let the Home Furnishing Jiezhuang industry scale industrialization (especially hard outfit) become fragmented, low efficiency, low brand rate has become a "backward industry". So far, in addition to Vanke "conscience" brand real estate companies has been pushing hard after the launch, the majority of buyers in the hands were rough, coupled with the need to decorate the second-hand housing, the market that add up to a huge market access (decoration is the total amount of data 4 trillion). />

"Home Furnishing custom" in the field of consumer education (brainwashing), apparently has been paying off!

["custom Home Furnishing is facing the crisis]

" in this very influential in the field, we will face the crisis and problems quickly:

first, "custom", no "custom" in reality, the concept is greater than the truth. such as from the consumer perspective, it is easy to see that the vast majority of enterprises are customized in the size of the most custom". Familiar with the current communication and custom industry industry, they think that now the custom furniture (including full house custom, concept) are doing more of the concept of extension based on the overall Home Furnishing on previous cabinet is basically about 3/4 is the standard size of the product, the remaining part is made of non-standard size small the custom in height and width. />

because the "custom" and consumers for the earlier considered furniture value is not too high, bear a higher margin, of course, we can think of these custom furniture brands have his "brand premium", but relatively finished furniture, and no high price, in which young people are not well-off Home Furnishing consumption, and no enjoy customized Home Furnishing the rapidly developing field of "bonus", believe that in the moment of transparency, standardization, branding of the Internet era will quickly touch the ceiling strategy. />

's home "custom" concept, so that consumers pay in advance, they are financial risk close to 0, but because consumers pay in advance (or even close to full pay), lost to the entire procurement process of the master, there is no doubt that the consumption risk of explosion. Style= text-align: "left >

fourth, "industry 4" is "industry 3.5". The is thought to have been "adjacent" industrial 4 custom furniture, more is to achieve a certain degree of information and "flexibility" for the production, preparation, storage and other aspects of the brand, of course, is to enhance the efficiency, but is more than the low efficiency of production capacity of enterprises in terms of peers, but the 4 industry is involved in a systematic engineering, most of the custom furniture enterprise is current from complete industrial 4 or more.

"in the present custom Home Furnishing" (full house custom, self-contained etc.) concept of hot pan Home Furnishing industry, custom Home Furnishing manufacturers and investors in addition to participating in this rare "good business", we need to think calmly in the trend: consumption upgrade, we are not brought to the users to update, more and better value? In the industrial upgrading, accelerate the supply side of the reform of the real market, we are not to provide a better model for the development of the industry?

(author Wang Jianguo, in July 11, 2016, during the Guangzhou Fair)

Author: Wang Jianguo

Chinese Home Furnishing Electronic Commerce Association and executive president and Secretary General

" professional media Home Furnishing founder

Chinese Building Decoration Association Internet plus innovation expert group expert researcher at the National Federation of furniture industry association Home Furnishing business consultant Wang Zhigang studio (chi Gang Intelligence) strategic partner

served services:

CEO and editor of Tencent Home Furnishing SouFun furniture channel to create "Shenzhen Dushi" Home Furnishing editor


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