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leimanjunshixiandaijian· 2016-04-21 14:20:08

4 on March 16, and Indian submarine support ship "in Iraq Kossak" exploded, the explosion was by a 12 inch diving oxygen bottle caused. Officials in India say the accident, which caused the explosion, has never happened. When the explosion occurred, the ship from the shore James vezin 50 nautical miles, the crew working on the deck, three crew members were injured. One serious injury, the right leg amputation, another two people were injured, mainly caused by the debris caused by the explosion, injury in the abdomen and legs, the current injury is stable, is being sent to Mumbai.

, figure 3:" in Iraq Kossak, < India currently only the ship naval support ship in service. In order to alleviate the submarine support ship shortage situation, 2014. < p > the Indian Navy awarded British defence companies JFD two 30 tons of deep submergence rescue boats (dsrvs) procurement contracts, is expected to total the procurement contracts of more than $6666 million.

Figure 5 "Xin sindhurakshak" number in Bombay dockyard explosion fire explosion accident in

2013 "Xin sindhurakshak", led directly to the India to the British purchasing deep submergence rescue boats. However, the purchase of light can not solve the fundamental problem of light, the oxygen bottle explosion, further illustrates the India navy equipment management, safety inspection and operational procedures there is a big problem.

Figure 6: deep submergence rescue boat photos,
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