Red Bull energy FC training camp why so popular? Give you three reasons first!

Training camp Red Bull

hupuzuqiuwang· 2016-07-12 06:10:55

Red Bull energy FC training camp since the camp since the Beijing Railway Station, Beijing has attracted a large number of grassroots football elite to challenge. On the first day of the opening, various admiring football enthusiasts gathered in Red Bull elements of football coach in Li Chunman Park, the team under the guidance of the feeling of occupation training foot the most authentic experience.

last week, FC training camp Beijing Railway Station set sail again and a batch of fresh blood to join the training camp in the past. Different faces, the same faith, green grass on the pitch, a group of energy filled with football fans with the most abundant confidence to accept the most professional challenges.

ask Red Bull energy FC training camp why so hot? Style= text-align: "center >

give you three reasons first!

1, free of charge on the tall grass court can really drink, "font-size: 14px style=

11 for international standards of natural turf, complete facilities, complete the logistical services, to participate in the "font-size: 14px style= FC these are your training camp contract the!

2, Guozihao coach

with national security, and the FIFA, Jianye, Lifan coach Li Chunman led his team instructor level visiting, training content and test equipment are the national team level, accurate to the technical indicators, the team running distance, heart rate, position of hot spot etc.. Lee guide mouth to mouth tell you where you spicy chicken in what place, think about it very chicken frozen!

3, improve skills, make grassroots football

speed, dribbling, passing, shooting, position, professional coaches with professional data tell you as an amateur player, you the advantages and disadvantages (if any) (obviously) is what.

and his teammates in the training run, not only can learn skills and common progress, perhaps can also make a few golfers to expand the circle, that is the physical football diplomacy!


did you move?

on Red Bull energy FC training camp" text-align: style= Beijing Railway Station


Through the internal and external competition from the trial, the line registration staff in the selection of excellent conditions are composed of 30 teams, the final final battle against


element soccer Park (Beijing city Chaoyang District cuigezhuang Road No. 8), metro line 14 station good coal near the

3- trial period:

from June 25th to August 12th (8 weeks), every Saturday morning (09 (00-12:00) in the afternoon (14:00-17:00) each to carry out a training session, can choose one of the time to participate in. The trial period can be repeated in


the physical and technical links test +" font-size: 14px style=

5- style=" training cycle:

test cycle after the training, coaches training and competition will be in accordance with the criteria for the selection of 30 members Red Bull FC team, from August 20th to October 15th (excluding 6 weeks statutory holidays) training

6- set Training content:

+ professional training race

7- /p>

10 22, and Beijing Guoan U-17 against


< span style= registration: "font-size: 14px;" > below the WeChat mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code, and other friends. Style= font-size: "14px friends information certification please indicate: Red Bull energy style= font-size: "14px FC training camp. Style= text-align: "center

or add QQ:3461451948 as friends, friends of information authentication please indicate: Red Bull energy FC training camp. Style= font-size: "14px > "

finally sent reminder:

take the subway to come to participate in the trial of buddy attention! Red Bull will arrange free shuttle bus at the subway exit D cuigezhuang led students to the football training ground. Style= font-size: "14px > "

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