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Furnace stone Blizzard creative wizard

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the difference between the two is that the goblin Yan warlock has a strong offensive capability, and more efficient and controllable. In the 6 phase, the 6 point random damage is not as important as 4 points, 4 points of random damage.

#p# evil can embrace #e#

and Moyo more than a month's time, hearthstone legend is about to usher in the next adventure mode, although before BB warned that does not yet have a new hero plan, but Alsace appeared earlier that we welcomed thing. So whether the next adventure mode is what Blizzard dad, the frozen throne is imperative we

! "This is Blizzard" series after long time push, the design style to Blizzard so far to love dad for hearthstone complement some excellent design. Today to bring you the frozen throne article warlock. The frozen throne Series in each occupation will push 4+1 design, including 4 occupation card, 1 card Zhang Zhongli.

the following score is 1-5, half is divided into "+" or "-"".

evil can embrace

evil can embrace this card's original design inspiration from the Warcraft movie, rely on the power to draw people's own strength enhancement. In the attack in the battle of Stormwind, Gul'dan's demonic power is not used, but the orc sea tactics, that is very close to the zoo style.

the strengthening effect is not original, as early as GVG when the robot has been strengthened, in accordance with the 4 fee 3/2 figure, this effect is triggered to 2 mana crystals, and then combined with the characteristics of this pathogen can. Zhang Xie can embrace appeared.

: 4

: 3+

Blizzard arena ladder index: 4-

#p# #e#

the coroner's coroner's "img_box

the coroner's first set some version of the battlefield as the warlock physician, but if it is so designed, will be very "not blizzard". In the construction of the wizard there is nothing to praise the dead language effect, but this does not hinder the opponent did not die.

deathwhisper effect positive factors, so that the card is offbeat silence, and silence effect of breaking the law to this very tough or weaker, and because only 1 little blood. So don't let the coroner's routine will take all become.

ladder: 3+

Blizzard index: 3+

#p# #e#

said the reason, this card is the most "blizzard" design, 0 fee both hit 5, at first glance, a bit like the warlock version mind blast, in fact the heir of the same shadow.

this card looks very strong, has a strong ability to kill, but the zoo may not be his choice, because with the fire of the soul. Zoo beheaded stage is not the lack of this 1 mana and the 1 damage, and when the warlock each round of suck bite their blood have been less than half, so self mutilation may really be too much. This is why it is said that this card is very "blizzard", because it looks very powerful, but it may not really be so easy to use.

arena: 3

Blizzard index: 4+

#p# flame #e#

flame dominator ruler

flame dominator raises a new description of the "frozen throne if your opponent controls any follower", this mechanism is compared "if you control" XX "or if there is a XX in your hand, more difficult to achieve, but also more uncontrollable, although this is a follower exchange game, but in a specific way and the specific situation of this condition is not so easy to reach, such as the recent fire director law and pre warrior and the priest.

for this card effects, is a reference point goblin mage warlock arthritis. The two difference is that the goblin Yan warlock has a strong offensive capability, and more efficient and controllable. In the 6 phase, the 6 point random damage is not as important as 4 points, 4 points of random damage.

because of 4 fees or so strange, little big ass, 4 points of random damage has been able to clean the scene out of the scene, and 6 of the 6 points in the period of random damage may even a little Germany's 6 fee 5/7 can not be solved.

: 2+

: 4

ladder arena index: Blizzard rider #e#


#p# article neutral pride: haughty rider

this card is a piece of the first bomb in love.

0/2 dummy activities is a good condition to resist the assault, but also can be controlled and utilized by us. This point is more like a hungry dragon or train is king, field control can help us to enhance the yield of 130, and the negative effect of full field have no effect.

ladder: 3

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