Feng Xiaogang and Shawn Yue don't make a noise? Sun back

Feng Xiaogang Shawn Yue rumors text

wangyiyule· 2016-07-12 12:28:57

Feng Xiaogang Shawn Yue

entertainment NetEase reported on July 12th the morning of July 12th, Shawn Yue drying out the photo and Feng Xiaogang in the studio, and with the text said: "for the first time to cooperate with Feng Dao film, harvest a lot. "In the photo of Shawn Yue and Feng Xiaogang side by side and sit, Feng Xiaogang hand take Shawn Yue shoulder, two people talk about. Recently, the media burst, set two people suspected by script field dispute, Feng Xiaogang angrily tore the script. Users have a message to this: Six uncle and six Ye good. The two of you are really powerful alliances. "

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