Li Xiang, a tour of Japan enjoyable happy fat

Wang Yuelun Li Xiang Wang Osaka

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-12 16:01:56

sweet Li Xiang mother and daughter Wang Shi tube

Phoenix Entertainment News recently, many netizens exposed Li Xiang Wang Yuelun family with her daughter Angela Wang Shi Ling play Japan Osaka photos.

in the queue Wang Yuelun

from the exposure of the photos can be seen, a family of three happy play, enjoy the holiday.

was found shot of Wang Shi Ling

which father Wang Yuelun also lined up to buy ice cream for Li Xiang Wang Shi, see photos of a mother and daughter eating ice-cream. It is full of warmth.

users screenshot micro-blog

at the same time, probably because of a family of three small life really is very happy, three people are somewhat rich in photos, perhaps this is the so-called "happy person fat". Class= img_box "

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