"2" leading peer watchdog Cos guide color text backpack and goggles

Goggles companion backpack hero

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-07-12 16:15:19

discloses Ubisoft from "watchdog" 2 character "Wrench" recently on the official website of the official Cosplay guide.

Wrench literal translation word meaning "wrench", we also believe that this is definitely not his real name. Wrench is a member of the hacker organization "DedSec", is also the protagonist Holloway Marcus companion. Since the game was announced, his face text windshield is very compelling, and now we finally know how many kinds of symbols can be displayed on the windshield. Of course, the color of the text is not only on his windshield, it will appear in his backpack.

Cosplay Official Guide Download stamp Here, the Ubisoft game series Cosplay enthusiasts can act.

watchdog 2 will be on sale in November 15, 2016, the Chinese version of the simultaneous launch. Book game players can get additional task, the zodiac killer". In addition, the watchdog 2 of all DLC will be exclusive 30 days in the PS4 platform.

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