Yueming Pan sound: love oath like a slap in the face

Yueming Pan Dong Jie a love.

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-12 19:53:21

Yueming Pan and Dong Jie was the envy of the star couple (map)

Phoenix Entertainment News "who shot put in your heart, love oath was like a slap in the face, whenever you remember a get a slap in the face then, for several years it may smell the scent of a woman! "The recent broadcast of the" cross-border "singer Yueming Pan chose a song, extremely sharp" for their song "face the past. In the face of such bold lyrics, users have speculated that this is in the air to respond to Dong Jie: This is to sing to Dong Jie listen to it! "There are many users feel the lyrics in his bitterness:" visible experience to Yueming Pan's pain how much distressed! "

some time ago, Yueming Pan and his ex-wife Dong Jie once again we entered the field of vision within the four years before the farce, once again pushed in the teeth of the storm. Yueming Pan and Dong Jie married on 2008, in 2009 and gave birth to a son. This is known as the entertainment Jintongyunv said the couple has been loved by everyone and blessing. However, in 2013, Yueming Pan Dong Jie announced a divorce, a time so many fans heart broken. Never thought that this with the model couple in the past but Former friends become enemies with each other. out of a field of love, divorce. After the divorce son in a reality show and also complained that Yueming Pan was too busy to spend time with yourself, caused a great disturbance, some netizens questioned the program group and Dong Jiefang in the hype, but has Yueming Pan on this matter did not make any response. In fact, the users of how they are two really no concern. Just on the crest, netizens have said a distressed!

in the day of the competition, has always dared to challenge the courage to challenge Yueming Pan said he was powerless. It seems that, coupled with the recent divorce of crest father thought, Yueming Pan still will be affected. The song "for his song", in Yueming Pan's mind is the spire of teacher Jonathan Lee. He admits that this song is to realize the life of the people can write, can sing. As mentioned in the lyrics: "love is like a fever, missing is followed by little cough" visible, the lyrics of the song of the heart of Yueming Pan Yueming Pan's interpretation of a great impact, also makes people sigh, only red cloth covered his eyes, half sitting on a stool. By reading the life singing sing hoarse confession of your heart, even joked. After watching friends have said: "the lyrics with sorrow, but no tears, this is a kind of thinking of past happiness, and even can be said to be a jealous. "

wrote the lyrics," but unlike love songs, and then carefully can't style "and" I know only that long points, have not seen the long branch". As the host Li Kun said: "the time will one day make us feel that I love you will become sorry, and I am sorry will become no relationship. In fact, life sometimes is the need to have a free and put down, and the time will let us know how to let go.

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