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jump in, can happily and make friends

Zhaopin online data, three before this summer the most popular industry is still" style= "strong> Internet / e-commerce, real estate / building / building materials / engineering, fund / Securities / futures / investment.

applicants not to blindly into the current popular industry, there should be a clearer understanding of their own, and then choose the right industry and interest.

Zhaopin online data, job seekers resume the largest number of the top three industries is still Internet / e-commerce, real estate / building / building materials / engineering, fund / Securities / futures / investment . In contrast to job seekers with the largest number of resumes and the most talented people in the industry, both of them are basically coincident, and the demand and supply in the talent market is basically fit.

sales, logistics / administrative / secretarial, software / Internet / system integration development demand of talents, in addition, sales management, customer service, finance / audit / tax / sales / customer service and technical support, market, education / training, human resources support roles demand for talent is still hot. In addition, the securities / futures / investment management / service has also entered the top ten list of talent demand.

from 2016 summer job seekers on the occupation resume number, " software / Internet development / system integration, finance / audit / tax / logistics / administrative secretarial delivers the highest amount of is three occupation. High salary, divided into open, hot emerging features, for the Internet industry to attract a large number of white-collar workers to join the gold.

Danger ahead! Caution switch!!!

the idea of job hopping frequently," font-size: style=

; "but some industries and jobs has become the Red Sea,

;" you better think of it, don't jump!

network game industry 72.8 competition index topped the list, followed by" / real estate architectural / Engineering / building materials industry competition index was 72.4. energy / mineral / mining / smelting industry, aviation / aerospace research and manufacturing industry respectively to 58.7 and 56.9 competition index ranked third and fourth.

2016 China's live gaming platform, IP original, VR virtual reality equipment, Internet plus game entrepreneurship booming industry has attracted a large number of capital and talent influx, resulting in the fierce competition.

seven other basic industries in industrial manufacturing, energy and other industries, in the background of China's economic slowdown, the adjustment of industrial structure, industry uncertainty, recruitment demand continued to decline, resulting in more intense competition position.

finance / audit / tax occupation competition index ranked first, 107.7, civil / construction / decoration / municipal engineering post with 106.7 competition index followed, ranked second. Compared with the top two career, the competition index of the transport service industry is relatively low, which is 85.5. In addition, the human resources and senior management position competition index is relatively high, respectively, with 78.7 and 75 of the competition index ranked fourth and fifth.

finance / audit / tax, human resources, administrative / logistics / secretarial occupation due to liquidity is low, the number of employees is more, the competition is very fierce.

(the original data from Zhaopin, " Zhaopin released in the summer of 2016 Chinese white-collar employer demand and supply of talent report " please mark the source)

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