Why more and more people choose small and Beauty Company?


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Small is beautiful

this is Ma Yun in the 2009 APEC Summit on the theme of the speech -- passion for small and beautiful. in the current increasingly personalized era, the social differentiation of the mainstream and non mainstream, niche and so on various independent groups, also spawned many small and Beauty Company.

to executives of state-owned enterprises to the graduates, more and more people choose small micro enterprises, " these emerging companies in the end where the United States? After reading maybe you will choose to reject the tall.

don't limit yourself to the so-called super luxury Grade A, Grade A office building, they may hide in a European style building, lost in a courtyard, or silently interspersed in an old firm.

no lunch break when dining out of the crowd yongcu, not waiting for the elevator when anxious noisy, did not work the way a rushing reborn like a stream of people, many small and Beauty Company is just another home.

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rumors of startups are often work overtime day and night, but more of a small company owners are generally more to encourage employees to go home on time, and never harassed after work".

specially hired, most employees appetite chefs, also Beizu eat free food, free pets, colleagues and even some more like family. The boss also promised to introduce the object to all single employees.

treatment, small and Beauty Company are generally not treat employees. Do you think the higher the scale of the enterprise wage higher? Complete error! Style= line-height: "25.6px small and micro enterprises "small boat", they are often aware of the brand, training and other aspects of disadvantage, so the general will be through a higher salary level to attract talent.

in addition to more than a million people of enterprise scale, enterprise scale is larger, and more low water compensation vindication. This summer job period, the average salary of enterprises of different sizes are as follows:

20 following micro enterprises was 8443 yuan, the highest. While the average salary of other large enterprises in the 8000 yuan.

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due to the small micro enterprise employer brand accumulation time is short and the visibility is low, the the attraction of talent is relatively low, but also less fierce competition.

summer job period different scale enterprise competition index as follows: (competition index = resume delivery volume / volume)

real beauty, love, people pay well and the competition is small, no wonder the brightest people to the small Beauty Company in droves!

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