TF family members like Wang Xi welcome Yuanqian fit

Fresh fit family members.

wangyiyule· 2016-07-13 06:42:02

Liu Junhao looks like Wang Yuanyi smelt one thousand Yuxi fit

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entertainment NetEase reported in July 12th 2013, the Beijing times Fengjun culture limited company successfully launched the first domestic youth idol, in 2016 TFBOYS will undoubtedly become the idol of the youth leader in the trend, three members: Wang Junkai, Yi Yang, Wang source Qian Xi singer and all-round development, with the appearance of youth idol of ring powder solid countless.

7 month 12 days, Beijing times Fengjun culture limited company official blog announced that the new TF family of Jin an artist: Liu Junhao. It is reported that Liu Junhao was born in 98 years a small meat, no name TF trainee prefix, towards the development of the film is estimated relatively large. This can cause a public dissatisfaction with the fans of the TF family, because the member is airborne.

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