To think about the future of Chinese enterprises in the business operators

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CIOfazhanzhongxin· 2016-07-13 07:08:27

in pen to write this article, hear the CCTV news, the state finally in 13th Five-Year before the start, before the national and enterprise restructuring into the critical moment, send policy burden .

! These make enterprise external environment will be better, but for each individual enterprise, external environment is inclusive of the fundamental things, Lianhaoneigong or < strong style=" max-width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box important; word-wrap:! Break-word! Important; ">

after all the competition of enterprises is the competition of management, and management of the competition after all is the ability of the competition, enterprises have core competence, enterprise DNA is robust and not competitive.

style= max-width: 100%; color: (0, 0, RGB 0); box-sizing: important; word-wrap: border-box! Break-word! Important; background-color: RGB (255, 255, 0);" > external performance is the company's products and services , is the final performance of the enterprise's financial performance . Style= max-width: " the Internet comes and does not change this basic logic .

, I judge in the Internet era, and cultivating the core ability of the enterprise, in the future for quite a period in history, will for the enterprise the transformation of the Internet + big data industry 4.0+. That is to say, the entrepreneur or business decision makers, "

business logic is the transformation of the Internet industry, is 4, is big data, is a unity to build the three core competence.

Internet! Although there is no change in the nature of business, tofu or bean curd, train or train," but the Internet will reshape the enterprise core ability construction of the structure of

now there are about 30 enterprises to give up their own portal mall, or did not dare to build your store , and on the Tmall platform opened more than and 70 flagship store.

traditional 2C enterprise finally admitted, in the traditional generation (1G) outside the distribution channels and the formation of a new entity stores the channel (2G business) system.

! However, this year millet electricity supplier in the online sales in the absolute dominant position is neither dependent on Tmall and Jingdong, also not the traditional channels, through direct interaction with the user, to achieve the user to manufacturers of direct connection (C2F), also can sell hundreds of billion a year. the business model innovation, plus Tencent WeChat, the hitherto unknown people, interactive tools unheard of flourishing traditional 2C enterprise finally realized:

Internet brings them not only a new trading channel, but a direct contact to revolutionary tool users.

! This explains 2C O2O the first year of 2015 is the traditional enterprise. Every day is estimated to have dozens or hundreds of heavy App or light micro application was born. A large number of traditional enterprises in the electricity supplier Tmall on all the year round even lose everything, keep going by painstaking effort, forcing them to explore more and more persistent directly to the users, direct users, this is a new era, " 3G style=" era: traditional enterprises begin to reshape their full channel interaction, transaction and delivery time began.

3G O2O full channel era foresight, bold pioneers have begun to pick up. To congratulate them on the new year.

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we need to continue in accordance with the above the track ahead. Developed APP, on the line of the WeChat public number, directly to the user, this is a progress, but to this end, it is only a tool for progress.

most of the 2C enterprises, the previous year production of hundreds of thousands of shoes, hundreds of thousands of bottles of wine," don't know who to sell, do not know where the user is, do not know what is the users of your product demands, do not know how to contact the user . Because in the middle of distribution, across the store.

! Because the download for access to the user, not the reward is discounted, given all the promises, the user is very smart, after receiving a lot of benefits, at any time an action to uninstall. This suggests that the interaction with the user, not the development of APP tool so simple, the development of tools is not the core ability," the core competence is the spiritual communication with the user is , products and services allowing users to surprise the" customer experience ".

; for example, today and in the future the maternal and child products main users is 90. After 90 of the "visual system" is what is the characteristic, after 90 SNS spread DNA is what, after 90 "cure" of the animation, plants, the goddess, the movie is what, do not understand these, a tool of APP what is the use?

90 users will directly and openly tell managers: if you can't attract me, even if I understand, but also and eggs.

I know," and then "eggs into Internet hot words this year.

; this gives us a new topic for entrepreneurs, sales and marketing of building core competence: the interaction, transaction and delivery must be three to three hand tools direct, direct is the three official website, administrative micro-blog and official blog, how to cultivate the ability to operate three officers, so as to realize the brand personality and brand story and brand era (three), the traditional used hard wide companies,

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