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Google artificial intelligence

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Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) aged 43, introverted personality, everything in good order and well arranged. Last year, he was Google co-founder Larry Paige (Larry Page) James as the CEO of the company.

pichardo Iraq faces arduous tasks. Google (or its parent company) is now the world's second highest listed company, is the leading high-tech industries in many fields, these areas include search, digital advertising, mobile and video, etc.. But page and Pichayidou very clearly, the technology giant will often get lost in its heyday. The earlier technology giants such as IBM and blackberry, was knocked down by a single opponent, but Google in the high-tech field facing the other four giants of the fierce war, mobile is apple, advertising, video and communication is Facebook, the area of electronic commerce is Mason, business software is recovering Microsoft, Amazon and Microsoft's cloud services.

fundamental technical transformation of

pichardo Iraq deal with these competition background, technology is a fundamental transition. As Google continues to shift from the desktop to mobile computing is also moving to multiple screens, or in some cases become no screen (such as the unexpected popularity of the Amazon Echo smart speaker). Interaction between people and devices and applications is rapidly becoming a two-way conversation, sometimes using intelligent robots". And the application is different, these robots are in communication services (such as Messenger's Facebook, there are 900 million users, or Microsoft's Skype users, there are 300 million users) on top of the running. Although Google has a popular Gmail mail service (more than 1 billion users), but it is the lack of a new, young people like the communication system.

compared with most of its rivals, Google began to invest based on the speech recognition, language understanding and Machine Translation building blocks. After years of preparation, Pichai said, the company is ready to put all these efforts are brought together in some attractive products, to help Google maintain a leading edge in the competition. "Our vision is to gradually shift from 'mobile first' to 'artificial intelligence'," Pichai said.

has produced initial results pichardo Iraq this effort: a Google Home intelligent speaker, and Amazon Echo positive competition (rumors that Apple will soon launch a similar equipment, other) One is messaging applications, called Allo. These two products are based on the "Google assistant" in the dialogue computing service.

Google faces the test

Allo display Google is now in the message field there is no contribution, it needs to change this phenomenon immediately. The release of Home Google also shows that no one in the interior of Google will be expected to become a wave of smart speakers boom - must be directed by Amazon to this direction. These deficiencies highlights one of the biggest challenges pichardo Iraq: Although there is no doubt that Google has a great advantage in the complex artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, but the need to put the technology into time killer products, it is not always in the leading position.

" Google's problem is that they really have the ability to do sophisticated artificial intelligence, which also led him to have overlooked some in the eyes of the opportunity to provide enough good user experience opportunities ." Is O'Reilly (O' Reilly Media) publishing company founder Tim said OLE li.

Google Home will be a test, but also need a few months the time to see how the effect. More importantly, if the conversation and news, and not even the main desktop screen smart mobile phone, become a new channel of robot and other digital services, Google will need to like Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon, Apple may have tried to do, quickly and effectively to attract these services. "In the end, third party developers cannot each platform to cover, you need to have a choice," David Joffe of the Harvard Business School (David Yoffie) said, "the question is, who will become one of the most successful platform."

pichardo Iraq's work is to ensure that the answer to this question is Google at the same time, also want to maintain the company's 60 thousand employees and $75 billion in annual revenue thriving. He needs to make money on the services of this vast digital Empire, whether it is search, Android, maps, YouTube, app stores, or other small services. He needs to improve the cohesion of the Android world; Google's two operating systems need to be unified Android and Chrome; also need to cope with European and other places of antitrust and tax investigation.

pichardo Iraq said, he is ready to lead Google metamorphosis. "I have a new understanding of the focus on our mission, focused on using machine learning and artificial intelligence to transform Google," he said.

from India Grassroots Family Google CEO

Pritchard, the family lived in a modest two bedroom house. His father was an electrical engineer, and his mother was a writer. For many years, there was no television, telephone and car.

but his parents attach great importance to education, entered the prestigious pichardo Iraq Indian Institutet of Technology. After obtaining a degree in engineering, he received a scholarship, went to Stanford University for further study, in 1993 began to study materials science graduate courses. He hopes to get a doctorate, to enter the academic work, this is the dream of his parents. But like many people at Stanford University, he also saw the wave of Silicon Valley, after completing a master's degree, he entered the chip company Materials Applied. Later, in the Walton business school to read the MBA, to the McKinsey Co as a consultant.

2004 into Google pichardo iraq. At that time, Google is a rapidly growing search engine company, is considered to be the most powerful enemy of Microsoft. From the beginning, showing pichardo Iraq strategy, pay attention to everything in good order and well arranged characteristics, which makes him be promoted step by step in the company's management.

Chrome let pichardo Iraq received the" product wizards "reputation although, he never founded a company, but was seen as having entrepreneurial qualities. When Google changed the composition of the Alphabet holding company, Pichai was appointed as CEO. Google's revenue accounted for 99% of Alphabet, profits accounted for 100%.

artificial intelligence how to help Google win?

California mountain view headquarters of Google large park across the street, There is a modest two storey building, that is "artificial intelligence priority" pichardo Iraq vision base. There, a special team called the Google brain developed a lot of smart technology, they will lead Google and its products to the future.

the team was founded in about four years ago, at the end of is to carry out a deep learning neural network and experimental research. A few years ago, computer scientists have developed these technologies, but they did not get a good test, because the test requires the use of enormous computing power. And Google has such a capability, so they let the field of large-scale computing system top expert Jeff Dean (Dean Jeff) and artificial intelligence experts together. The team began training the system to learn how to identify the picture, and soon gained encouraging results, greatly improving the existing methods of Google.

Venue: Shenzhen

training time: July 2016 30--31,  

Tel / WeChat: 13061694649

a year ago released the Google Photos service to improve the function of these it provides the user, its recognition and image search, and automatically organize their ability in science and technology has caused a lot of praise. You can search for a person, an animal, search for people to embrace the picture.

although faced with fierce competition, Google Photos was absorbed 200 million user. For, this is a good example of how artificial intelligence to help Google win.

proved successful experience of image recognition is also suitable for speech recognition, translation and other similar tasks. When the team trained the system to recognize speech, it was found that the accuracy of the identification was greatly jumped. This means that, in the noisy bar to hear a person's words became easier, Google employees to understand the words (pichardo Iraq with a India accent) is much easier.

the same, for the identification of Google Photos technology, can make Vista service can" read "signs, can also make many projects benefited from. "It's a fairly significant change," Dean said. "We now have a new capacity (that is, the new AI Technology) to solve these problems, the news spread all over the company's corners."

started only a few people involved in the research project, the scale has been the development may have hundreds of people -- Dean refused to disclose how much the number of. This team development algorithm, the development of computer systems, and recently began to develop their own chips Google, all of which are based on artificial intelligence. (the Google brain's software tool named TensorFlow, which is called the tensor processing unit, TPUs).

the result is that Google now has more than 2 thousand projects under the Google transformation ability of the brain to dozens of products inside.

Dean's team held a machine learning internal training, hope" take a research project into the mainstream of engineering activities, training cycle sometimes up to several weeks, thousands of Google The engineer took part in the training course.

; machine learning and shaping a new generation of digital products

machine learn how to shape a new generation, may change the human life of digital products? Allo will be available later this summer, you might as well look at this product. Although the application of communication market has matured, is a saturated market, but that Pichai, like Google Photos (and his Chrome browser), just add a little bit of intelligence, can help it get a large number of followers.

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