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eighteen years wind and foreign companies fourteen years into the rain, dust and soil, and finally in the end yesterday! 168 months, 56 seasons, 14 years, where I have 26 to 40 years of the most beautiful time and youth! Even if there are thousands and thousands of words, the expression of the heart's also have mixed feelings! Let us continue to work hard, cherish the present, and continue to move forward bravely!

and iron IT camp will also arrive but years of change, the longer the end there will be a banquet when dispersed. 168 months, 56 quarters, 14 years of fate finally painted on a full stop! Yesterday was my last working day in oracle bone inscriptions! I really want to leave, I still have mixed feelings, even if they do not give up, we must resolutely move on, a lot of memories when leaving the flooded to my heart, leaving only a short while ago imagination should be in the winter, because the winter snow will leave a lot of memory, also thinking about the season should leave in the autumn, because autumn is the golden harvest season; and fate let me choose in July is both a response, because I just walked into this great company in the same 14 years ago, July.

still remember it was a sunny morning, the full of dreams, some apprehension slightly at the tender age of 26 early youth came to the 29 floor, harbour ring Plaza - Oracle Shanghai office, when HR colleagues took me to my position, delighted to see a welcome letter to my manager specially prepared a new signature, a new notebook computer is ready, CN00805 is my staff, that I am Oracle China hiring 805th employees, then feel warm, feel that this company is very considerate of new employees, and at the time of the Shanghai office staff of 60 people, each pin The sale management sites are large, the huge customer service service department is responsible for the entire sales were only one of the eastern region of the renew customer service service. Everything is so fresh and curious.

for each sales, the new owner of the first half of the year is the most critical, the first half of this effort and whether rapid adaptation will determine how long the road behind him. In the honeymoon period is always short, short before the break was over, the second quarter pressure instant, I began to ask the manager of our commitment and customer performance, I was responsible for the transportation industry had no special work, which belongs to the field of the newly opened, such a short time Forecast pressure but for foreign companies, explain these challenges, difficulties and objective reasons have no meaning, please come to the Close company's deal, is to performance, although it sounds cruel and this is the game be beneath the human character, but the rules! how to do? Only the "fast, accurate, ruthless" is the only way to win, otherwise is nonsense! It is crazy run up to two , three city weekly, 5 to 6 customers every day, but so crazy to run after a period of time, found that the effect is not ideal, many clients are very friendly, also said some demand, but it seems not so fast, each and every Monday attend departmental meetings, see other colleagues in Forecast when the pressure head up, and osmotic pressure the heart, the boss's face is no longer the honeymoon period when friendly, time it is difficult for newcomers to survive, is a hero, could not bear. Perhaps, the sales are so toughened and hardened into steel boil out of it, frustrated and upset and cannot bring order, only the pressure as a driving force to continue operations! DELL taught me the clear funnel theory of my mind, in the analysis of a lot of pipeline, decided not to focus on the universal net win rate project focus only on pieces of 40%, may be moved by the customer to go to his office every day I persist, this will really take the customer a trip to visit my purchase requirements to run the government procurement center, the last second days came to an end in the second quarter re signed the first contract in oracle! Life is a lot of the first time is unforgettable, so far remember that one is from the Jiangsu provincial traffic system, the amount of a unit, the amount is 990 thousand. And this one let me finally through the six months of probation period.

  the rumors IT Sales four: DELL, EMC, Sun fire and Oracle fire is indeed some violent, in fact, what a foreign IT sales and not Alexander? Looking back at the blue giant IBM, HP HP and the way of the most adequate cash Microsoft, which is not a result of a hero? Tall on the back of the image of foreign companies are relying on countless sales hero sweat cast! We want to live in these brutal fire, hard work alone is not enough, we should learn to look at days work smart, only keep on keeping on, half live, half of the fight is the hard truth! In a foreign enterprise to see a year after the thing is no sense, only to live in the season is the most true!

inherits the first half hard, soon a year passed, and a year of" work smart, work
hard, soon the performance on the right track. Remember the FY04 fiscal year the entire East China only three sales exceeded the task, the company reward us go to Phuket Island in Thailand to participate in the Asia Pacific region "Quota Club", There is no story without coincidences. is our three sales are surnamed Huang, maybe that time need hero morale boost sales, so the "three yellow" the nickname TOP SALES instantly turns to speak, quickly spread in the company, but the other two yellow brothers soon left the company to seek out development, and I have always insisted on staying in the Oracle, this makes me very careful with four consecutive years to participate in the Asia Pacific region "Quota Club". But then no one spoke of "three yellow" era.

so many years of experience in a foreign company, accurate understanding of the foreign companies in China company, is essentially a large Branch Sales Department the head of the Chinese District, is also a" big Sales ", if the performance of China headquarters area are not satisfied, the adjustment will come, everything is a result of heroes. So every new year is business adjustment, organization reconstruction, re allocation of personnel time, individual bad situation even in the middle of the year will make changes, but these adjustments often affect the company each employee especially in the senior manager's position, in fact these changes essentially nothing more than the vertical balance regional management and horizontal management of the game, but there is increasing expansion and personnel is the same business, this time also will produce a lot of development opportunities, the key you want to have good performance and top leaders are appreciated!

time soon came to the FY05 fiscal year, and I also ushered in the opportunity for advancement - the first occupation career from a sales rise as sales manager, responsible for the eastern region of MRD (manufacturing, retail, transportation department) 7 sales, life need elegant, I still very grateful these lifting my boss and the boss's boss, was carrying my boss although already family emigrated to Australia, we were like brothers of the close contacts! But my boss's boss has already started out IT achieve success and win recognition, occupation mentor, and every time they arrived in Shanghai together, always drinking together memories of those days together. But in those days, my life is the most precious wealth and the most beautiful years. The Sales leader, you are not only responsible for individuals, you are responsible for the results of the entire team, and the new sales manager is always unable to restrain the emotions themselves as Sales, still remember just when Manager, a lot of projects hate myself all jumped in, engaged in their own is very exhausted, later slowly must change to teach a man to fish as delegate to fish! A good manager is to train a number of outstanding SALES to the impact of the performance, to set the direction, focus, control of key projects and help employees to coordinate resources, due to rapid changes in the role and team effort , soon we East China MRD performance on the upgrade, even for two consecutive years the MRD industry China half of the country area, and in 2006 the first time I got the "outstanding sales manager" Asia Pacific awards.

the flight of time, time total foreign enterprises Time flies like a shuttle., too fast, the time soon came to the FY08 fiscal year, the company's change and scheduled to start, this is the transition from a regional unified management industry vertical horizontal management to the Asia Pacific region, TECH division general manager of East China, we had become a general manager of the Huaxi District China district government department, for his endorsement of my MRD performance management, he invited me to join the government department to help promote the East China the government industry customers, in fact, sometimes choose to foreign boss is more important than the election, if you can follow a consistent values and trust your boss is very kind Very lucky, foreign know better "for friends who are dead" truth, although it is a new challenge for me, I was very pleased to accept this appointment, the year I was promoted to sales manager from senior sales manager.

it seems that everything is so smooth, , but this change is not easy, which only own lengnuanzizhi sour, sweet, bitter, hot industry customers, government play and more complex than the manufacturing industry to the complex, because all of the IT industry government budget was a year ahead of the application and approval, go through the Commission by letter, the key project but also through the development and Reform Commission, the financial group to finally passed, but also to the government procurement center line public bidding. What are the new rules of the game and play, especially the government industry reputation of the sales team to see more heavy, but on a team trust always take a certain period of time, especially some key events after the test. Still remember it was a Friday night around 12, hazy sleep a shrill ringing mobile phone, a fixed telephone number, muttered is not what people call the wrong number, instinctively took on the midnight call, "the Oracle is yellow? I am director of the police, our system crashes, you need to immediately send someone to support "

but the shuffle is open thoroughly and rapidly, a quarter of the basic adjustment is completed, and later found the most complete organizational structure adjustment so that we and the Asia Pacific region China sustained and rapid growth performance in 4-5. Have to admire the vision of Larry, please us the excellent Chinese Mr. Ouyang to control Oracle Asia Pacific, it is with no predecessors! And our entire government industry sales team under the leadership of our boss, lucky to be the only fully retained team. Many people say that the US government industry team is lucky, in fact we are lucky we usually come from honest people and work, "

because no matter who is in charge, he will need to help out the performance of the team, and honest, down-to-earth efforts, positive energy team is to each boss will appreciate for the.

  Oracle 14 years of career, half of the time is spent in the government industry, it should be said that the work in the government the industry for 7 years is my most hard but the most happy time, the trust of the boss, customers, partners, support, there is a hand built a congenial, unity upward, to fight the battle of brothers, and I am also the first sales team to each capital city first localization eat crab team, later found that this strategy is right, especially in the government sector,"

must have the localization team to more efficient service to customers, then the company open to the Oracle most of the capital city, and my brothers who already take root there. We should say that the East China, Southern China government team for Oracle in the government sector made distinctions won in battle valiant record. And these beautiful figures behind the results of a lot of my brothers and sisters of the effort and sweat. I remember one time to travel to Hefei, Hefei's brother one day help me arrange 8 customer visits, three in the morning, lunch one afternoon, three, there is a dinner, also really admire this brother, he even arranged so efficient, but also proved his customer relationship foundation is very good, because these customers are in fixed time exclusively in the US, the end of 8 customers after returning to the hotel, it collapsed, but saw very fruitful results and brothers of expressions of excitement, feeling very worthy, because brother concentric, the benefit payments! There is an unforgettable experience, and then a channel brother first trip to Hangzhou, to talk about a about 5000000 database project, because the negotiation process is more complicated, the high iron plan around 3 points to Nanjing, did not catch up, but this project has already promised when the season single must take down, take it can never leave, then finally at around 5 points before finalizing all the details, and then the high iron has long gone, that night because better Nanjing province office a leadership dinner, but is in a hurry to call a taxi from Hangzhou went straight to Nanjing, and to the Nanjing restaurant has 8:30, a door to see the leadership of the ugly face, yes, we are not in any case late, as I regret, picked up a pot full of Chinese liquor under the belly edge of fasting, can It is a tiring journey because of it, a bite after cannotbut spit, perhaps leading touched by our apologies and sincerity, the atmosphere began to ease up on late phase, after delivering the leadership back, my brother helped each channel and stumbled back to the hotel, a bit tired, some drunk, some excitement, some emotion, think this is what kind of hard to force IT life, but to see some project progress, feel everything is well worth!

Yes, government industry 7 years there are many memorable scenes, the maximum number of years I travel during the 7 years, the highest number is drunk for seven years, many brothers joke when I drink it mouthful of English, it seems better only in a drunken state! The East District of Southern China city and 10 provinces in many city are saturated with our brothers pace and sweat, a province, a province of the team and I run for 7 years, a sector of an industry, a single hit single, from the Shenzhen people's Insurance Bureau of the first EXADATA to the Hunan people's insurance the hall with EXADATA to half cloud computing machine government industry full bloom, from Sybase winback to capture Jiangsu tax Hubei rent the last fort Sybase, from Shanghai, World Expo, will escort to AsiaInfo information project of Shanghai customs FTA's first In-memory project case signed and so on, which help my brother Tiejun the sisters went up pulling village, invincible! South China government industry database market a piece of Oracle red! The government and industry in the world are in fact red Oracle we Zhebang Tiejun red passion and blood cast, I was promoted to the East, Southern China district government sales director in 2009.

new jobs, new challenges, new work, should be said that the Shanghai platform is responsible for the comprehensive ability exercise for two years almost two years, we not only continue to achieve the performance of two digit growth, but also do a lot of things, still remember the first time we invite colleagues to see children Oracle office parent-child activities scene, still remember and colleagues to bring the family together to raise money for a little runaway situation so far remember to go to the community and colleagues to serve the elderly dementia scene, we still remember BOSS SHOW rehearsing sweating jump" south of the Yangtze River and small Style Apple still remember the scene ", we will dance contest, game buzuibugui scene, still have all our Oracle employees in Shanghai and the tug of war games in the family scene, still remember the first time into the studio to record the song of the day, still remember the Shanghai Municipal Commission by letter, Shanghai Jiaotong University. Shanghai Municipal United Front Work Department, Shanghai IT Youth Talent Association, Shanghai municipal Party school, Huangpu District Youth League, Chinese bank Shanghai branch into Oracle days, still remember our Oracle colleagues for my China District campaign Shanghai ten cutting-edge IT voting day shuabing...

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