One Royal site will become 500 thousand malls decoration 2000 yuan sale

Royal one the sale site the landlord non bearing wall

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moving company car full of sofa, on the head of the royal one, the four characters are not in.

is a decoration when the waste removed

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core tips Shu Zhengzhou real one, was synonymous with high-end nightclub, on suspicion of illegal pornography, opened only more than 1 years by the Henan police, off-site use of the police investigation. From November 2013 has been sealed for 2 years and 9 months, furniture and equipment yesterday the real one was suddenly vans sold, the interior decoration has been dismantled. Here will experience a period of six months of renovation, the end will be converted into a large shopping malls. The

[site] workers dismantled interior

yesterday morning 9 am, Dahe reporter came to the nearby Zheng Dong CBD business district and inner Commerce East Fourth Street intersection, here from the International Exhibition Center just across the way. Once the "royal one" is located on the east side of the intersection, is a low rise commercial buildings, surrounded by high-rise office buildings. The four big characters on the front porch of the gate have been plucked, and the words "royal one" can still be identified from the marks on the wall. Parked outside a moving company's truck and 3 three wheeled electric car. There are workers out, carrying the sofa, coffee table, a variety of decoration materials, etc..

hall, beautiful decoration roof and wall and lighting are not removed, the hall on the eastern side of a 1 foot platform is being dismantled. In cutting, pulling, handling and other noise symphony, the northeast corner of a worker with a sledgehammer to the indoor non bearing wall bash, has hit a big hole. Apparently, there's a massive demolition.

here on the ground floor of two floors, three floors above the ground, with a total area of about 13 thousand square meters. Dahe reporters came to the basement, where all KTV rooms, the original sofa, tea table, acoustics are preserved, with a golden roof chandelier light, wall light emitted from the hollow place, a pair of beautiful decoration. If you do not see the locked door, covered with dust equipment, it is difficult to guess here has been dusty 2 years and 9 months.

[of luxury equipment when "junk" to sell

in the west corridor at the entrance lobby, a marked "Henderson home" rooms, still maintains its original business. VOD equipment, two Taiwan LCD TV on the wall are also used to screen suspended Dao Lang's "impulse punishment" MV screen. "These lights are specially customized, sound equipment, a set of seventy thousand or eighty thousand, sofa, coffee table are high-grade goods, according to our estimates, this package decoration down, spend not less than 500 thousand yuan." Henan Yong Sen Property Services Co., Ltd. Zhang Yongli said. This company has the home and the royal one, the original landlord Henderson signed a contract, they have received all the things here even with equipment.

of the royal one, the decoration is very luxurious, according to the description of its Employee Handbook: the real one is the top international entertainment club consumed by the Facebook group of nearly 200 million investment to build, with 156 Deluxe private rooms, the UK's leading audio equipment imported...... Dahe reporter saw on the third floor luxury rooms, here is a duplex style, European style sofa downstairs, hanging on the wall painting, because of long time closed, part of the house has fallen off the ceiling paint.

newspaper reporter was informed that, because these devices do not have proper place, only low prices. The decoration is too luxurious, general KTV is also used on the sofa, the table is too big a room than ordinary two rooms are also large, only for sale." Zhang Yongli said. They have to find a good place for these devices, in front of the auspicious move, will take away these devices, in ordinary rooms for example, over 500 thousand yuan of decorated rooms, only two thousand yuan on the sale of second-hand goods, also, not only the sale ". In front of the car parked 3 electric tricycle pull goods, 4 migrant workers look back and forth. "These are the demolition of the decoration materials, looked like the brush of copper stainless steel, in fact, not, not worth the money." One worker said. They have 3 cars for dismantling and transporting the decoration materials, selling waste money directly when wages. "A car to sell 100 dollars, sell money to pay, we have four people, three cars, a little more money than ordinary waste collection." The worker said.


freshmen] after six months to open a shopping mall

such a lot of gold, how much to rent down? Because of commercial confidentiality, "Henderson real estate" and "yungsen property" both sides did not disclose, but one of them said monthly rent per square metre of nearly 100 yuan, the contract signed for 10 years, the rent has increased year by year. River newspaper reporter a rough calculation, according to 13 thousand square meters, the annual rent of up to 1500 yuan.

after the demolition, here to do? Zhang Yongli said that their company took over here, ready to build a large shopping malls, about six months to be able to decorate a good, is currently being carried out investment work. "There is a real estate developers have agreed to build a building hall here, we plan to build some supermarkets, famous brand stores, the introduction of some third theme restaurant, gym, swimming pool and other green health project." Zhang Yongli said. However, he said, if there is KTV to come and do not exclude, whether it is a restaurant, KTV, or fitness and entertainment, are positioned to do CBD urban white-collar workers can spend the project. Good location, location and people's consumption, which is perhaps dare to take over the royal one site to build the confidence of the market.


question] whether the landlord has the right to sell the tenants of the decoration and equipment?

in the royal one decoration turned shopping process, the lessee will be the original tenant of the renovation and equipment sold. As tenants, whether the right to deal with these property? In this regard, the wing of the property side responded that they had a contractual relationship with the landlord, and the royal one business has nothing to do with. "We signed a contract with the landlord, and the equipment is not white, are accounting for a certain fee in the inside, we do not want to involve too much." A person in charge of the company said. So, the landlord has the right to dispose of the original tenants of these property? Reporters hope the landlord to provide the landlord contact the landlord to interview, did not get a positive response, the landlord by the police to understand the information, did not get a positive response.

in this regard, the Beijing law firm Yang Limin lawyers said, because the landlord did not see with the royal one operator signed the lease contract, do not know whether the tenant landlord agreed to sell their property. From a legal point of view, the landlord is not the right to sell the property of the tenant. "Of course," the Royal 1 "has been more than two years old, the landlord has some losses, the landlord legitimate rights channels, to the court, the court of public auction, the proceeds to make up for the loss of the landlord." Yang Limin said.

, a royal destruction in mind in August 16, 2012 the royal one opened.

November 1, 2013 late at night 11 pm, Henan police remote with the police to investigate the Royal one".

May 25, 2015 Zhengzhou royal one case in Xinxiang City Intermediate People's court sentenced. Among them, Wang Guofu, Chen Jiagui was sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life. The remaining 9 were sentenced to 10 years to 15 years in prison, punishable by a fine of 80 thousand yuan to 1 million yuan.

source: big river - the river

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