The South Korean government announced, Deding Kyungpook Seongju southeast Peninsula site

Saad the county the Korean Peninsula.

huanqiuwang· 2016-07-13 13:01:09

[global network Roundup] according to Yonhap news July 13th, the South Korean government announced, Deding Kyungpook Seongju southeast Peninsula site.

previously reported [global network reported] July 13th Yonhap quoted South Korean Defense Ministry sources said the 13 day at 15 local time (Beijing time 14) will be officially announced "Sade" anti missile system selection results. The

reported that the two sides will ultimately decide the thad deployment in the peninsula is located in the southeast of Gyeongbuk county. South Korea and the United States on the military utility, security and other elements of the Chinese side against a variety of factors such as careful evaluation, think the most suitable for the deployment of the region of.

Yonhap said, given the maximum range thad is 200 km, in Wisconsin to deploy thad covering is located in Gyeonggi Do and Jeonbuk Ping Ze mountains USFK bases, the South Korean armed forces headquarters (Chungnam kyeryong Taiwan) and Gangwon to the north of Jiangling near the vast area, can effectively counter from North Korea the ballistic missile threat.

reports also said that the U.S. and South Korea plans to quickly push forward the construction of the base construction project in the field, for the next year will be put into combat deployment.

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