Former BBC reporter missed flights at the airport Dutch act.

Flight airport missed reporter

huanqiuwang· 2016-07-13 17:43:14

. Dutch act female reporter (information)

according to the British newspaper "independent" reported on July 12th, the day before the British court of a former BBC reporter Dutch act held hearings. It is reported that the senior female war correspondents last October was found in the Istanbul Airport Restroom hanged himself, and then she missed the plane to go to iraq.

North London coroner's court said that the reporter from Heathrow airport flight arrived in Turkey's capital, and intends to go to Iraq erbil. Because of the two beers in the waiting room, she missed the flight. Ground staff said the reporter said he was penniless, obviously upset then walked into the airport Restroom.

Andrew Walker, the medical examiner, decided that the journalist had died of suicide. He said to the court: "she came out of the waiting room without a sign of frustration or distraction. But she missed the plane, she told his ground crew no money to buy a plane ticket and began to cry. The ground crew said they were incapable of action.

Walker at the hearing, said the two Russian tourists found the body of the reporter and told the airport staff before, a total of 7 women to enter the toilet and leave, one of them with children.

the reporter sister pointed out at the hearing, because the moment of "extremely nervous and causing its sister Dutch act," I don't believe this is premeditated, I don't think she would have to end the idea of his life".

when the examiner asked: "do you mind if I put (your sister's) suicide as an impulsive behavior," said the sister agreed.

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