Man 98 years flood rescued 18 years to join the army after the flood

Man adult ceremony assault chuishiban

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Li Yimin to clean up the manhole in the garbage lying in the mud.

July 13th Fuzhou daily news (reporter Wang Yuankai correspondent Xie Zhefeng Zhang Lisong / text / photo) 18 years ago, Hubei Province, Wuhan District of Xinzhou City, floods, armed police officers and soldiers risked their lives to motorboats, from a farmyard to rescue a flood has been besieged for seven days and nights, the parturient pregnant women, and promptly sent to hospital. That night, the pregnant woman successfully gave birth to a baby boy. After

18 years, Yongtai County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, the flood is still raging, a man named Li Yimin and his comrades together with the soldiers, emergency rush to the disaster area. Li Yimin, that was the boy. July 11th, is Li Yimin's 18 year old birthday, in the disaster scene, he completed his special adult ceremony.

it is understood that in 1998, in order to express gratitude to the rescue of the armed police officers and men, and hope that the child can grow up to become a society, the people of good people, my grandfather named for the baby ". In 2014, with dreams, with the elder's exhortations, Li Yimin joined the army, became a member of the 8714 armed forces unit 89.

in July 7th this year, the troops received orders to cross rescue missions, soon passed his 18 birthday of Li Yimin and his comrades together, next to the Dehua area to carry out emergency rescue and disaster relief. 10, the troops successfully completed the task, ready to return to the camp. On the way back to the camp, the army once again called: Yongtai area disaster seriously, all the officers and men of war to go to Yongtai to rescue.

10 at 14 PM, the troops arrived in Yongtai hardest hit by the cold town. The original clean bustling township at the moment is full of collapsed houses, broken branches and thick mud, many roads were blocked by debris flow. Braving the heave rain Li Yimin was the first to jump off, too late to pack up into emergency rescue. After 6 hours of fighting, Li Yimin and his comrades successfully dredge Yongtai Chengguan town of cool to pass through the channel, until 8 pm before returning to the resident.

11 day is Li Yimin's birthday. He got up at 5:30 and checked the rescue tools over and over again. The same day, the dredging task in his troops for Yongtai county is one of the hardest hit areas of the lake district. The knees in mud is garbage and dead twigs and withered leaves. Because the manhole is clogged, leading to discharge the sewage Nanhu District, seriously affect the residents travel.

Li Yimin was the first to roll up their sleeves and lying in the mud, with fingers, gravel branches, garbage from the blocked manhole mouth to pull out, the arm was drawn in manhole branches full of wounds. The whole day, where the most dirty, the most tired, where you can see his shadow. The company commander distressed him, told him to rest, he said, "my adult ceremony is too general, I want to live! "More than 8

that night, Li Yimin dragged his tired body to return to camp. No birthday cake for his birthday, cooking noodles, all officers and soldiers together as he sang the birthday song. The instructor also called his home phone, as a birthday gift to Li Yimin.

in the phone, Li Yimin said the most is a serious disaster, but will be injured to hide not to mention. My mother said to me on the phone, the son you want to do a good job in the army, your life is to give the children of the soldiers, to always remember Thanksgiving, do not worry about the home. "Listen to the mother's encouragement, unyielding Li Yimin tears … …

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Man 98 years flood rescued 18 years to join the army after the flood

Man 98 years flood rescued 18 years to join the army after the flood