Eastern theater nearly 100 missile troops retired soldiers back to camp drills

Missile war zone hundred East

xinhuawang· 2016-07-13 17:43:44

Xinhua news agency, Shanghai, July 13 - (Zhang Mimi, Xiong Huaming) a test of air defense exercises in the eastern theater before the Japanese Air Force Missile held in the eastern theater. Hundreds of pre reservists fill into the original professional and technical posts and officers mixed into rain fighting operation course. These pre

reservists all the brigade nearly 5 years of demobilized soldiers, were from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi 5 provinces (city). This drill to

missile forces attacked by battle staff attrition as the background for the restoration of the combat effectiveness of the armed forces as soon as possible, ordered the brigade quickly enlisted reservists pre, back to the camp for 10 days of combat training, the professional examination, timely supplement to the various combat positions, in accordance with the tactical requirement of complex battlefield environment carry out air defense combat missions, rapid deployment of mobile warfare.

"Air Force Missile Force professional variety, high technology content, in the pre professional and technical posts of the reserve is the first wartime mobilization object, is the main source of professional and technical forces troops, their military quality, professional and technical strength, directly related to the army's combat capability. The "Eastern theater air missile brigade commissar Deng Xiao introduced, in order to meet the needs of future war, to ensure that the wartime mobilization pre enlisted reservists called for them to be able to fight and win the war, they in recent years close to the mission of the task research mobilization requirements, proposed revision mobilization scheme, launched research on procedure method the strong expansion, wartime emergency training, skills assessment, coordination drills, constantly explore the mode of rapid mobilization of reservists pre.

drill site, the morale of reservists and active duty soldiers pre high, fought together to complete weapons dismantling, motorized march against harassment, emergency troubleshooting, occupy the position, camouflage, alert and more than 20 combat subjects. The reporter saw, the emergency maneuvering combat hundreds of thousands of officers and soldiers step action, skillfully, go, show higher military accomplishment and tenacious fighting style.

after the end of the exercise, the evaluation group evaluation, more than 20 participating subjects of all standards, 12 to achieve outstanding. Deng Xiao introduced the exercise completely according to the actual requirements, not only improve the troops withdraw, go into play, and Tibet "ability, also to further rationalize the standard mobilization of recruit, combat training, job evaluation, comprehensive security and other sectors to explore ways to accumulate experience. "Before

joined the army is now returning to perform defense duties, refresher training is complex and responsibility. "Reserve soldiers, now Fuyang City, Anhui Province Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Battalion Xu Yangyang said," tomorrow, if necessary, I will resolutely follow the call to complete the combat mission! "

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